AI-powered mapping technology MapScale digitizes 10,000-floor plans daily; 5 billion sqft in 2022.

– As workplaces go hybrid, Fortune 500 companies need to become more digital

– AI mapping technology MapScale™ automatically converts floor plans into interactive digital maps for mobile and web

– MapScale™ already digitizes 10000 floor plans on a daily basis; processes billions of sqft in minutes with no human intervention needed

– Pointr is trusted by 11 Fortune 100 companies, live in 3000 buildings across the US

BOSTON, Feb. 17, 2022 – Creating large-scale digital maps is one of the top concerns for building owners and operators as they race to digitize buildings in 2022 to enable hybrid work. The cornerstone for smart buildings is digital mapping, which enables connected experiences for employees, visitors, and building operations.

Until now, digital mapping has been a labor-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming process. Pointr, a leader in indoor location technology, has been able to digitize 10,000 floor plans each day across the United States by using artificial intelligence to mapping data.

Pointr’s MapScale™ technology processes billions of sqft of floor space in the form of CAD files and outputs interactive digital maps for mobile and web. The AI is already used by dozens of Fortune 500 customers across the US, including some of the largest tech and retail companies in the world.

Large, complicated buildings may now be digitized at scale thanks to AI mapping technology. It’s especially important for Fortune 500 businesses who want to reopen their offices and embrace hybrid work. Employees should be able to book desks and conference rooms via an app and check-in as soon as they arrive on campus. Only accurate and up-to-date digital maps of their campus will allow them to do so.

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Digital maps for hybrid workplaces

In a recent presentation, experts at CBRE and Microsoft acknowledged that with Pointr’s technology, creating real-time digital maps and keeping them up-to-date was a smooth process and a must-have for great workplace experiences.

Building owners and operators are taking the first step toward value-added IoT applications by using digital maps. They are able to:

  1. Help employees, customers, and visitors find their way to a desk that’s available, to the closest meeting room, or to the live location of a colleague
  2. Give operations teams insight into which areas are over-and under-utilized, allow them to control HVAC systems and lighting, track the efficiency of cleaning journeys and engage with building occupants in real-time using geofencing

“We’re excited to bring the power of contextual location services to Fortune 500 customers globally. Our technology answers a pressing need for facility managers who need real-time, updated maps of the buildings. This year, we are mapping 5 billion sqft of commercial real estate with Pointr MapScale™. With over 97 billion sqft of commercial real estate to digitize in the US alone, this is just the start of our journey.,” said Ege Akpinar, CEO at Pointr.

Maps, powered by AI

The technology works by integrating a digital mapping engine with a building’s CAD system. The algorithms intelligently extract map data such as room names, desks, and amenities, and convert this data to digital maps that are available for mobile or web applications. The machine-learning algorithms are able to predict patterns and to suggest changes with 95%+ accuracy when the CAD systems are updated. The digital maps that are produced by the mapping technology are interactive, user-friendly, and available in 2D or 3D. They can connect to any building system through open APIs.

To get a live demo of the mapping experience, please visit https://www.pointr.tech/mapping-demo.

Pointr is a global leader in indoor location. Pointr’s Deep Location® platform is the only scalable digital mapping and real-time location solution. Machine-learning expertise allows location-based services such as high-accuracy indoor positioning, digital mapping, navigation, location tracking, geofencing and powerful location-based analytics. Pointr has already digitized more than 4 billion sqft for 11 Fortune 100 companies, across 27 countries, in 3,000+ buildings. Pointr works with major customers in retail, workplace, aviation, and hospitality globally.


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