ArchieTek AI startup to showcase edge-AI processor

ArchieTek AI startup to showcase edge-AI processor for localization, mapping and obstacle avoidance at CES 2023.

AiOnlc is a Chip that uses sensor data to process location and to map surroundings plus uses AI for obstacle detection in drones, autonomous vehicles, robots, AR/VR headsets and other battery powered devices.

Las Vegas – At CES® 2023, ArchiTek, an Osaka-based AI startup, will showcase AiOnIcTM, an edge-AI processor that demonstrates the rapid self-localization and mapping as well as AI obstacle detection performance for battery-powered applications, such as drones, autonomous vehicles, robots, AR/VR headsets, and smart edge devices. Designed to run on an architecture that enables simultaneous computation of several AI algorithms utilizing a combination of multiple Hardware fixed function accelerators and cores, AiOnIc processes data more accurately and faster than any other leading edge-AI chips can at a fraction of their cost and power requirements.

“AiOnIc consistently does a superb job at incredible speeds on battery power, which is unheard of for high-performance edge-AI chips,” ArchiTek CEO Shuichi Takada said. “We cannot wait to demonstrate this ultra-low-power AiOnIc processor at CES 2023, because we believe it can make autonomous vehicles and intelligent machines more efficient and revolutionize productivity when we use them in everyday life.”

AiOnIc’s unique features:

  • Power consumption under 2W
    • Ideal for fan-less, without heatsink operation
  • Performance above 6Tops
    • Adequate for real-time object detection (running YOLOv3) or pose detection (OpenPose)
  • Small and compact
    • 12mm x 12mm package (actual chip die size much smaller)
  • One chip solution
    • On chip peripherals such as CPU, ethernet controller, SD card controller, PCI, USB, SPI
    • Fixed function accelerators for pre and post image processing required for AI processing.

ArchiTek is an Osaka-based AI startup founded by engineers who were engaged in designing and implementing low cost and highly efficient chips in home appliances, AV products, cell phones at a large Osaka based appliance manufacturer. Their skills and vast know-how of making chips enabled them to create a computer architecture ideal for endpoint AI chips for use in autonomous vehicles, drones, robots and smart camera and vision systems.

ArchiTek has licensed ArchiTek IntelligenceTM , their computer architecture IP to SocioNext to make and supply a chip to Toyota Industries to power their AGV, an autonomous Guided Vehicle. ArchiTek has also partnered with NTT to design a higher performance architecture that will enable high resolution 4K object detection. ArchiTek is also working with other well-known companies to bring AI facial recognition, all around object detection using multiple cameras for an AI valet parking application and AI cameras in trains and on train stations to prevent accidents as well as foul play.

CES is one of the world’s largest technology trade shows that takes place annually in Las Vegas. CES 2021
made history by bringing together more than 2,000 companies, including 700 startups online – a scale
unheard of for all-digital events. CES will return to Las Vegas in 2022 while also holding digital exhibitions. At CES 2020 held prior to the new coronavirus pandemic, 4,600 companies showcased 20,000 new products and services.

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