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Google Jamboard
Image from Google

Best interactive digital whiteboard Jamboard for your office is available for $4999 from Google suite.

Google Jamboard is interactive digital whiteboard for your office/business. It is a 55′ 4k display which is also a touch screen.  The Jamboard digital whiteboard is meant to be used as a whiteboard for meetings, training, collaboration, conference calls etc.  The 55′ display makes it easier to share real time information written on the whiteboard with other members. So no more taking snapshots of the content written on a whiteboard with your mobile phone to refer at a later time.

With the Jamboard app released on IOS and Android, it allows for real time collaboration from other users who might be present anywhere in the world.

Microsoft also has a similar and probably more advanced product like the Microsoft Hub, but it is almost double the price of the google Jamboard. Other similar products like the SMART kapp IQ are also good, but the features offered by Jamboard are better.

It is integrated with the Google G Suite ecosystem ,which offers cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration applications for business. Check out the Jamboard video on youtube below:

Some amazing features of the Jamboard are handwriting and shape recognition. This feature will automatically convert the scribbled text or shapes in proper text font and geometric shapes. That’s why, we think Jamboard is the best interactive digital whiteboard.

It also has a built in wide angle camera, bluetooth, speakers, microphone, HDMI, NFC and wifi connectivity. Click here for detail specs & features of Jamboard.

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