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  • An end-to-end platform for Small and Micro Retailers (SMRs)/Hawkers for all their supply chain and capital requirements.
  • It is an app built to empower and monetise Small and Micro Retailers (SMR)/Hawkers in India through their Supply Flow and making them a marketplace for Digital Goods and new D2C Brands.

NEW DELHI, May 20, 2022 – Hash, an emerging D2C brand, today confirmed the successful launch and pilot run of BharatMove App– a first-of-its-kind tech-enabled demand management platform for Small & Micro Retailers (SMRs) and Hawkers. BharatMove is designed to ensure better supply chain management for the unorganized small retailers in the country, thereby positively impacting their businesses. With BharatMove app, SMRs & Hawkers are getting a single point solution to order the products at their doorstep and also be able to finance their inventory.

The Interesting proposition is the digital delivery goods (Like Cash recharge on fantasy games, Credit/BNPL Cards enrolment, utility bill payment, subscription payments, and many others), to be sold via these SMRs & Hawkers. It aims to reduce the CAC (cost of acquisition) for all Consumer Tech products through this physical network. It also benefits the D2C Brands which usually do not make it to the shelves of an SMR due to a lack of network. The SMRs and Hawkers are able to earn better margins through these digital goods & D2C brands, thereby increasing their revenue, ticket size, and customer reach.

BharatMove is targeting 10 mn+ SMRs & 500k+ Hawkers across the country, which have close to 60% contribution to the overall FMCG business. The BharatMove platform will bring together the entire ecosystem for supply chain management– including brands, distributors, wholesalers, Hawkers, and shop owners.

BharatMove will simplify the supply chain by doing away with multiple intermediaries, offer a tech-immersed solution with analytical services, give real-time insights for better inventory management as well as enable other ancillary services for the whole supply chain.

“SMRs & Hawkers are amongst the big grossers for the FMCG industry but have been broadly untouched by technology or tech-enabled solutions. Majority of them continue to face challenges with regards to supply chain management that in turn, impedes the growth of their business. BharatMove is set to disrupt the traditional and inefficient distribution channel of SMRs & Hawkers with tech-driven platform and empower them with tech-first solutions that can address all their supply chain woes. In our pilot phase in Delhi NCR, we have received an overwhelming response from the SMRs/Hawkers by offering multi-brand products under one roof. We have touched INR 3.5 Crore in Sales in April with just 2000 Shops & 25 Hawkers in West Delhi and Gurgaon.”

Mr. Shwetank Jain, Founder, BharatMove & Hash

The company is committed to totally disrupting the way SMRs & Hawkers do their business. The company is confident to reach an annualized revenue of INR 100 Crores in the next 3 months from Delhi itself.

The platform is seeing a lot of traction from consumer tech and D2C Brands to leverage the network that BharatMove is building. It is believed that the combination of online presence and offline network persuasion will grow businesses exponentially.

A new age D2C brand by the name ‘Hash’ – primarily focussing on non-tobacco products (Like Lighters, Rolling Paper, Organic Mixtures used in Pipes, Coconut Charcoal) for the Gen Z and Millennials and Platform by the name ‘BharatMove’ for the Small & Micro Retailers (SMRs) and Hawkers was founded in the year 2020. The company aspires to be a market leader in the Indian Micro Retail space by promoting its digital supply chain solutions, targeting the small and micro retailers across the country. The Company has raised US$ 2.4 million in an angel round from Amrac Investment Fund as well as marquee angels including Kunal Shah (CRED), Ashneer Grover (BharatPe), Jitendra Gupta (Jupiter), Amrac Investment Fund, Anshoo Sharma (Magic Pin), Amit Lakhotia (Parkplus) and Suhail Sameer (Chief Executive Officer, BharatPe). The company is headquartered in Delhi NCR. It has a team size of 100 members and has a network of 6000+ SMRs.

The company plans to add over 300 in team size and onboard 40 brands in FMCG Space over the next 3-6 months. The digital delivery goods (Consumer tech acquisition & fulfillment) will also be launched to all the SMRs/Hawkers.

SOURCE BharatMove

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