EuroHPC JU is inviting hosting entities to host and operate EuroHPC quantum computers.

The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) has launched a call for expression of interest to select hosting entities which will host and operate new EuroHPC quantum computers.

The EuroHPC JU will select hosting entities to host and operate new EuroHPC JU quantum computers and will enter into hosting agreements to establish a stable and structured partnership between the JU and the hosting entity for the quantum computer’s acquisition, integration, and operation.

With a total EU contribution of EUR 20 million, the EuroHPC JU will purchase at least two quantum computers in 2024. The new quantum computers will be funded in part by the EuroHPC JU budget derived from the Digital Europe Program (DEP) and in part by contributions from EuroHPC JU participating countries. The Joint Undertaking will contribute up to 50% of the total cost of the quantum computers.

The quantum computers will be integrated into the hosting entities’ existing supercomputers. The selection will aim to ensure diversity in the technologies and architectures of the various quantum computers to be acquired in order to provide users with access to various quantum technologies.

The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking will address the growing demand for quantum computing resources and services from European industry and academia by making quantum computers available to European users. The quantum computer infrastructure will help to develop a wide range of applications with industrial, scientific, and societal implications for Europe.

EuroHPC JU is inviting hosting entities to host and operate EuroHPC quantum computers

EuroHPC JU Mission:

The mission of the EuroHPC JU is :

  • to develop, deploy, extend and maintain in the European Union a federated, secure hyperconnected supercomputing, quantum computing, service and data infrastructure ecosystem;
  • to support the development and uptake of demand-oriented and user-driven innovative and competitive supercomputing systems based on a supply chain that will ensure components, technologies and knowledge limiting the risk of disruptions and the development of a wide range of applications optimised for these systems;
  • to widen the use of that supercomputing infrastructure to a large number of public and private users, and support the twin transition and the development of key skills for European science and industry.

Following the signature of hosting agreements in June 2023 with six sites across Europe to host & operate EuroHPC quantum computers, the EuroHPC JU recently launched two calls for tender for the installation of two EuroHPC quantum computer:

  • EuroQCS-Poland based on trapped-ions and located in Poland
  • Euro-Q-Exa based on superconducting qubits and state-of-the-art entangling capabilities and located in Germany. The call is still open until 22nd January 2024.

These quantum computers will come on top of two analogue quantum simulators currently being deployed within the EuroHPC JU project HPCQS which are based on neutral atoms, supplied by the French company PASQAL. HPCQS is the first initiative towards a federated European quantum computing infrastructure, tightly integrating two quantum computers, each controlling 100-plus qubits in the Tier-0 HPC systems Joliot-Curie of GENCI and the JUWELS modular supercomputer at the Julich Supercomputing Centre (JSC).

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