SINGAPORE, May 21, 2022 – Themed “Green Energy, Green Future”, Huawei APAC Digital Power Green Energy Summit 2022 was held in Singapore on May 19. The Forum brought together policymakers, industry experts, and sustainability practitioners from across the region to discuss the green development trends, and explore how we can collectively leverage opportunities in the fast-changing technology and regulatory landscape to drive the energy transition.

The Asia Pacific region boasts substantial potential for renewable energy development driven by ambitious carbon neutrality goals, abundant untapped renewable energy sources, and strong economic growth prospects. “The renewable energy share of power capacity in 2020 has increased to 33.5%, which is a 1.5% gap from the 2025 target with hydro and solar power plants becoming the largest contribution to green energy generation,” said Dr. Nuki Agya Utama, the Executive Director of ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE).

Huawei Digital Power, tasked with improving the energy efficiency of digital infrastructure, and increasing the share of renewables in electricity generation, is keen to join hands with regional partners and customers to meet the growing demand for clean energy and ICT sustainability.

“Global climate change is one of the greatest challenges we faced today, and green energy has become the global consensus and the best way to cope with this challenge. But in order to achieve carbon neutrality, power production needs to be low-carbonized and power consumption needs to be electrified with the help of advanced digital technologies.”

Said Sun Bohan, President of Huawei Digital Power APAC.

All-Scenario Smart PV and Energy Storage Solutions

At the forum, Huawei presented the audience with the latest All-Scenario Smart PV and Energy Storage solutions for utility-scale PV plants, energy storage systems, commercial and industrial applications, residential uses, and smart micro-grids. The roll-out will help accelerate the adoption of solar power as a primary energy source and enable industries and households to benefit from green electricity.

  • FusionSolar Smart PV Solution 6.0+ for Higher Yields: Huawei offers optimal Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), enhanced grid connection capabilities, and improved safety through continuous innovation in string design to address key industry challenges. The key technologies of its Smart PV Solution include Smart DC System (SDS), Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis 4.0, Smart String-Level Disconnector Technology (SSLD-TECH), and Grid Forming.
  • Smart String Energy Storage System (ESS) for Optimal Levelized Cost of Energy Storage (LCOS): With over ten years of R&D experience in ESS, Huawei integrates digital, power electronics, and energy storage technologies in a unique smart string structure to overcome the limitations of lithium batteries. Suitable for peak shaving and frequency regulation, Huawei’s Smart String ESS delivers a flexible and cost-effective solution with higher profit potential.
  • Residential Smart PV Solution 3.0 for a Better Life: Featuring a smart energy controller which connects a module controller, an ESS, an EV charger, and a management system, the new generation of integrated Residential Smart PV Solution enables a smart power consumption ecosystem. This enhances PV self-consumption rate to 90% from 70% in the previous generation, bringing an all-around clean energy experience to homes with lower electricity costs, active safety, and intelligent assistance.
  • Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Smart PV Solution 2.0 for a Sustainable Business: The new generation of the C&I Smart PV Solution comes with an all-new three-phase inverter (SUN2000-50KTL-M3), a Smart String ESS (LUNA-200kWh-2H0), which can be coupled with the 100kW power conditioning system (PCS), and a smart PV optimizer (MERC-1100W/1300W-P). It will allow companies across industries to move into a low-carbon era with optimized electricity costs, active safety, and smart O&M for an enhanced experience.
  • Smart Micro-grid Solution for Clean and Reliable Power Supply: Huawei launched the Smart Micro-grid Solution to support the seamless online transition of medium-voltage off/on-grid changeover. Compared to traditional power generation from oil, Huawei’s solution cuts LCOE by more than 50%. It effectively reduces power outage loss, helping to achieve zero-carbon generation and eliminate the energy divide.

Embrace a Low-carbon APAC

Huawei is now teaming up with several customers in this region to advance the growth and adoption of solar energy, contributing to a low-carbon APAC. For example, Huawei’s string inverters were installed on Sunseap Group’s floating solar farm. With 13,312 solar panels, 40 inverters, and more than 30,000 floats, it’s estimated to produce up to 6,022,500 kWh of energy per year, supplying enough power for 1250 four-room public housing flats on the island and offsetting an estimated 4258 tons of carbon dioxide.

Digitalization drives development and decarbonization ensure that this development is sustainable. These are the two drivers of green development in the region. “Digitalization is helping improve safety, accessibility, and sustainability of energy system subjected to security and privacy. Digitalization will have a massive impact on the energy sector through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future. The energy sector, in return, can use these digital tools to improve operations and transformation of potential digitalization to create a highly inter-connected energy system,” said H.E. Dr. Ty Norin, Secretary of State Ministry of Mines and Energy of Cambodia.

In the panel discussion, guest speakers shared their insights on the latest trends in renewable energy and BESS markets. They believed that solar power will grow faster in the region because the clean power will be more cost-effective and easy to deploy, and BESS will play an integral part in the energy mix.

Committed to offering best-in-class products and services, Huawei will create more value for customers by further strengthening its leading technologies in green energy generation and storage, helping build a sustainable, low-carbon future for the Asia Pacific region.


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