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International Neuromodulation Society Announces “Innovations in Neuromodulation” Educational Event at INS World Congress.

Featuring industry leaders, investment community representatives, and emerging companies.

BARCELONA, April 14, 2022 – In “Innovations in Neuromodulation,” the International Neuromodulation Society (INS) brings together industry leaders, innovators, and investors on May 22 to discuss commercialization from a global perspective.

Neuromodulation: From Scientific Theory to Revolutionary Therapy, the subject of the INS 15th World Congress, will highlight the field’s revolutionary power in illness treatment. Studies that provide insight into mechanisms of action have been supported by a strong theoretical foundation, and the area has grown into established medicines administered with refined and tailored methodologies. Plenary sessions from world experts, panel discussions, oral abstract presentations, poster sessions, and networking opportunities convey knowledge from multiple disciplines about current practice, future developments, and solutions for central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous system neuromodulation therapy.

Over 1,500 scientists, researchers, engineers, device developers, and healthcare providers from around the world will attend the congress to share evidence-based knowledge about basic, translational, and clinical research, emerging technologies, and global health care trends in order to improve skills, outcomes, and patient access.

This sixth educational event by the INS for the neuromodulation innovation and investment community will highlight presenters’ perspectives on innovation advantages and challenges in their respective locales.

The day includes:

  • Presentations by emerging companies, including:
BIOS Health   Neuromod Devices Limited   Spark Biomedical
MicroTransponder Inc.NXTSTIMSynergia Medical SA
NeuroelectricsRebrAInThermaquil, Inc.
  • Neuromodulation without Borders – INS President Dr. Marc Russo, conjoint associate professor, University of Newcastle School of Biomedical Sciences; and President-Elect Dr. Konstantin Slavin, professor, University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Neurosurgery
  • Neuromodulation from the Ground Up: Bootstrapping a Pandemic – electroCore Chief Medical Officer Dr. Peter Staats
  • How to Marshal Resources when you are Outside the USA – Neuroelectrics CEO Ana Maiques
  • Conducting Trials in Latin America and Asia, Challenges and Pitfalls – Medtronic Vice President of Clinical Research Sudha Iyer, Ph.D.
  • The Benefits of a Medtech Precinct – Richard Nash, BioInduction board advisor
  • Innovative Solutions to Startup Funding? – Florian Haupt, partner, TruVenturo GmbH; CEO Ana Maiques; Jason Hannon, Mainstay Medical CEO
  • How Can we Shorten the Commercialization Pathway? – Richard Nash; Erika Ross, Ph.D., director, applied research, Abbott Neuromodulation; Jason Hannon
  • Networking with medical device industry leaders and emerging therapy innovators

The talks precede scientific sessions at the INS 15th World Congress. “Neuromodulation: From Scientific Theory to Revolutionary Therapy” in Barcelona, Spain, May 23 – 26, 2022, with comprehensive tracks on all neuromodulation therapies:

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