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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (January 02, 2022) – The Meta Model Creator, Lalaland’s latest AI-powered industry-revolutionizing breakthrough, will debut at CES 2022. The product is the world’s first and only virtual fashion model creator, allowing fashion firms, retailers, and digital designers to create virtual fashion models of any size, shape, or skin tone.

Lalaland joins other Dutch participants at this year’s event, including the Dutch Mission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Fashion tech start-up Lalaland will participate in the world’s largest tech fair, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, starting on 5 January 2022. The 70 most innovative start-ups and scale-ups from the Netherlands will showcase their services and capabilities during the four-day event to more than 170,000 companies and investors from nearly 160 countries.

“Lalaland uses AI to create artificial humans for fashion e-commerce and is built on two main pillars: social empowerment and sustainability,” said Harold Smeeman, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Lalaland. “Lalaland empowers both consumers and brands to pluralize beauty standards by making the web more diverse and inclusive.”

“Lalaland also combats exploitation and helps reduce carbon emissions by decreasing return rates by at least 10%. The largest impact comes through Lalaland’s tech ability to deliver social empowerment and sustainability at scale,”added Smeeman. “We are excited to showcase these features and our mission at CES.”

Lalaland virtual fashion models 04
Lalaland virtual fashion models

The award-winning fashion tech start-up has also made ripples in the industry, gaining honors and recognition such as:

Finalist in the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge

Tommy Hilfiger, which is owned by PVH Corporation, announced that Lalaland is one of the six finalists of the 2021 Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge. Finalists were carefully selected from over 430 applications received from start-ups and scale-ups globally. Building on Tommy Hilfiger’s sustainability vision to Waste Nothing and Welcome All, the program’s third edition strives to continue amplifying and supporting black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) entrepreneurs who are working to advance their communities while fostering a more inclusive future of fashion.  

Selected as a recipient of the Google Black Founders Fund

Lalaland is one of 30 start-ups globally that has been selected by Google for funding from the Google for Start-ups Black Founders Fund. This support is especially meaningful to Lalaland and its founder and CEO Michael Musandu. Born in Zimbabwe, Musandu followed his passion for programming at school in South Africa. In the Netherlands, he studied computer science at the VU Amsterdam and completed a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University. “This investment will help us accelerate Lalaland’s mission focused on diversity and inclusion,” noted Musandu.

Lalaland virtual fashion models 02
Lalaland virtual fashion models is an award-winning fashion tech start-up for the fashion and retail industry with the mission of setting bold new standards in e-commerce for retailers and consumers alike. The firm uses innovative AI technology to allow fashion brands and retailers to diversify their brands and save time and money with AI-generated virtual fashion models that create personalized shopping experiences for their consumers

Lalaland launches Meta Model NFT at world’s largest tech fair

Award-winning fashion tech start-up Lalaland today announced the launch of its Meta Model NFT exclusively for CES. The Amsterdam-based company is the next name to venture into the virtual world as interest in the metaverse and assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have surged over the past several months.

Virtual fashion models, digital fashion, and blockchain collide in a global first with the launch of Lalaland’s new limited-edition NFT built using Lalaland’s Meta Model Creator.

Lalaland’s Meta Model Creator, launched at CES 2022, is a first-of-its-kind product. Fashion brands and retailers can leverage the tool to generate virtual fashion models of different body types, sizes, and skin complexions, helping them reduce cost and enjoy faster time to market for their on-model images. 

By combining crypto technology with virtual fashion models wearing digital fashion, Lalaland’s project marks the first time NFT artwork has been designed exclusively for CES visitors.

Lalaland Meta Model NFT Veronica
Lalaland Meta Model NFT Veronica

“The release of our NFT marks an exciting moment, because with this launch, we’re opening up new possibilities and value for NFTs, as well as a new distribution channel for our virtual fashion models,” said Lalaland’s co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Harold Smeeman.

Lalaland is forging a whole new realm in fashion, and the world has taken notice. Backed by Google’s Black Founders Fund, Lalaland has already created virtual fashion models that more than two million consumers see on a weekly basis.

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