Noveto N1 is a smart speaker with 3D binaural sound without headphones.

Noveto N1 is a state-of-the-art smart speaker with a built-in Alexa smart assistant and proprietary Smart Beaming technology, providing personal and immersive 3D binaural sound without headphones.

With an intuitive, glass-fronted, circular LED display built on a smooth, matte black aluminum frame and adjustable stand, the N1 fits seamlessly into any home office or workstation. The high-definition beamforming microphones incorporated into the device allow clear, best-in-class audio engagement with communication apps and Alexa. The N1 also has a readily accessible USB-C port and a 3.5mm in/out jack for connecting a secondary music device, as well as straightforward Bluetooth pairing, volume control, and microphone muting for added privacy.

Noveto N1 speaker with 3D binaural sound
Noveto’s N1 features proprietary Smart Beaming technology that transmits ultrasound silently through the air, converging in small audible pockets just outside the listener’s ears as if wearing invisible headphones

Traditional speakers or headphones do not provide the same audio experience. Noveto’s cutting-edge Smart Beaming technology delivers ultrasound through the air invisibly, resulting in small audible pockets outside the listener’s ears. The N1’s clever facial tracking follows the user’s head, guaranteeing that the experience is fully immersive 3D stereo as if wearing headphones, with individuals nearby scarcely hearing a thing.

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The N1 is the ideal gadget for modern workers that place a premium on comfort and want unrestricted audio. The immersive experience eliminates the isolation of remote working by making video-callers feel as though they are in the same room, and it promotes important at-home wellbeing. Smart Beaming delivers a personalized, cocooned experience, boosting the relaxation of meditation, music, casual entertainment, podcasts, and sound treatment, whether listening to a favorite podcast or meditating to the sounds of nature.

Noveto N1 speaker with 3D binaural sound features:

  • Noveto Smart Beaming technology: beams personal 3D sound
  • Smart assistant compatible desktop device.
  • Audio volume: up to 85dB SPL.
  • Audio privacy: up to 90 % audio reduction 1 meter (3 ft) away from the listener.
  • Connections: BT, Wi-Fi, USB-C & 3.5mm Jack
  • The HAL (Heuristic Activity LED) – embedded LED circle for live feedback.
  • Built-in microphone array.
  • Built-in face ID.
  • Noveto App, available in iOS and Android.
  • Over the air updates (OTA).

The N1 will go into production in December 2021, with an official launch scheduled for January 5-8, 2022, at CES in Las Vegas, where orders from retailers and distribution partners will be finalized.

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Noveto-N1 speaker with 3D binaural sound.

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