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QooCam EGO: The World’s First 3D Camera To Offer 3D Vlogging, Instant Playback, Editing, And Sharing.

SHENZHEN, China, May 20, 2022 – Kandao, a pioneer in VR technology, is excited to announce the launch of its QooCam EGO: the world’s first 3D camera to offer instant playback, editing, and sharing. On the heels of a smash-hit crowdfund campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, The QooCam EGO delivers a complete, true-to-life 3D experience. It offers a thrilling, cutting-edge way for anyone – from professional creators to casual photographers – to capture, edit and share their memories in a vivid new dimension.

The QooCam EGO was recently the honored recipient of the iF Design Award for its outstanding differentiation and innovation. Its capabilities, design, and impact have been highly praised by critics as well.

Industry-leading video quality and innovative design

Unlike competing products that only simulate a 3D experience, the QooCam EGO actually replicates human vision with its advanced stereoscopic camera module. At 60 frames-per-second capture, with an impressive 3840 x 1080 resolution, the QooCam EGO records with unprecedented clarity and immersion. Also, its dual-channel stereo microphone complements the sparkling visuals with vibrant sound.

Qoocam 3D Vlogging2
Qoocam 3D Vlogging2

Many competing products require a bulky headset to view the footage, which not only raises the cost but is clumsy and counter-intuitive. However, the QooCam EGO addresses this issue with its revolutionary 3D viewer, which snaps on magnetically to the camera’s touchscreen display and allows instant playback of any experience. Combining the display’s high-pixel density and the 3D viewer’s advanced optics, the system offers 37 pixels per degree – a sublime level of clarity that is nearly twice what users will find among competing headsets.

Moreover, the QooCam EGO is engineered for comfort. The two lenses – strategically placed 65mm apart to replicate the interplanetary distance – use optical-correction technology to eliminate the potential dizziness and eye fatigue that may come with prolonged use. The contours of the viewfinder gently rest on the cheeks, creating an immersive viewing zone without leaving “pressure marks” on the face.

Qoocam Magnetic Attachment
Qoocam Magnetic Attachment

Ready for any adventure and edit anywhere

Overall, the QooCam EGO is compact and colorful. With a weight of only 250g, it is designed to tag along for any adventure. Afraid of running out of juice outdoors? Its 1,340mAh battery provides up to an hour of recording and is easily swappable to minimize interruptions during critical moments. Users can also add a personal flair to their QooCam EGO, with a range of colorful straps, lanyards, and other accessories.

When users are done shooting, there’s no need to transcode or stitch the footage to make them viewable, which is a required step in our competitor’s devices. Instead, the creator can skip straight to editing using the QooCam app on their smartphone. This app offers a robust toolset to help achieve the perfect cut and then share it directly from the phone. It even offers a remote trigger feature, so users can flex their creativity from impact angles – which is ideal for vlogging. For a final touch, spice up the video by choosing a customized 3D sticker or 3D template from the in-app library.

Instantly share experiences

Perhaps the best part of the QooCam EGO is how it enables users to effortlessly share their memories with friends or family. It not only is fully compatible with main social media platforms, but it can also connect directly with another EGO user in EGO-to-EGO mode by uploading the footage to the cloud using the camera’s Wi-Fi capability. Other users can securely access the recordings using a generated pin code. Alternatively, a video can be viewed through a VR headset by directly inserting the SD card (up to 256GB). The SD card can also be used to transfer the video to an external device.


Starting today, people may pre-order the QooCam EGO from the Kandao store. Additional accessories such as extra batteries, selfie sticks, and the EGO Battery Charger will be available by the official launch.

SOURCE Kandao Technology Co., Ltd.

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