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February 2nd, 2022 – The Quantum Insider (TQI) has released its latest Quantum Security research, predicting that the whole Quantum Security Market will be valued at around $10 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of around 50%. The research, which was created in collaboration with Safe Quantum (SQ), is the most comprehensive report currently available in the market, with insights on the burgeoning ecosystem, the most recent technology breakthroughs, and market size estimations by subsectors.

“The work builds on previous report releases by providing a detailed assessment of the market size for Quantum Encryption (QE), Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC), Quantum Internet and Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG), said Alex Challans, CEO of The Quantum Insider.

“The technologies that underpin quantum security will be critical to the development of the entire quantum ecosystem,” said Challans. “At The Quantum Insider, we realize that important decisions will be made based on market data and we strive to provide the highest quality intelligence on the quantum technology market.”

With recent breakthroughs in the private sector, like Arqit’s SPAC and recent investment rounds from both PQShield and Quantropi, the Quantum Security market has received increased interest internationally. The market has also become a focal point for national policymakers, with the United States and the United Kingdom keenly tracking China’s technological advancement.

Due to a dearth of publicly available data and the fledgling nature of the field, market figures in quantum technology have been notoriously difficult to come by. Multiple expert interviews, large-scale surveys, and pricing/volume data were used to create the TQI / SQ Quantum Security study, which also offers advice on geographic and sub-sector trends. These “bottom-up” methodologies have been combined with “top-down” analyses based on current market data on the overall security market by sector.

Quantum Security Market Quantum Insider
Quantum Security Market Quantum Insider

“We are entering the golden years of Quantum Security innovation. From the advanced development of QKD systems by Toshiba to the invention and commercialization of quantum memory operating at room temperature by innovative startup, Qunnect. These technologies will secure the future quantum internet,” said John Prisco, CEO of Safe Quantum.

The research examines over 40 quantum security organizations, as well as other significant stakeholders in the ecosystem, and gives a detailed analysis of key advancements in quantum encryption, post-quantum cryptography, and the quantum internet. It also gives an overview of market drivers and size, as well as significant market characteristics to be aware of in the next years.

The report is an ideal resource for investors, quantum security companies, academic and government organizations involved in the quantum technology market.

The full report can be purchased by contacting hello@thequantuminsider.com, and more information is available here

The Quantum Insider is the leading provider of data and intelligence on the quantum technology market. It serves global clients including national governments, prominent venture capital investors, and quantum technology stakeholders.


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