ShelfView: intelligent and autonomous shelf management for retailers.

ZURICH, Jan. 13, 2022 / – Scandit, the leader in Smart Data Capture, has launched ShelfView for retail. ShelfView is a smart data capture and analytics solution that enables real-time shelf visibility and empowers more intelligent and efficient store operations. Based on advanced computer vision technology, it enables retailers to effortlessly capture and process in-store data, such as pricing and inventory locations, to take action based on intelligence and accurate real-time information.

Scandit ShelfView, which is ideal for grocers and stores with a high volume of SKUs, solves some of the most fundamental difficulties that retailers face today in order to combat razor-thin margins and achieve cost optimization. According to McKinsey, introducing in-store labor automation and robotics can help retailers increase their profitability by 2-4 percent. With rising labor expenses, a shortage of workers, and pressure to achieve omnichannel fulfillment, ShelfView automates basic tasks that are presently done manually and are prone to error, allowing retail associates to be more productive and reduce employee turnover.

The initial capabilities of ShelfView will assist merchants in optimizing three primary workflows:

  • Accurate price and promotion label execution: ShelfView analyzes both labels and signage in real-time, either via mobile devices or autonomous robots, to inform store associates of required adjustments to optimize sales and increase price integrity.
  • Frictionless in-store order picking: Shelfview, with autonomous robots, provides accurate product locations to store associates resulting in lower substitution rates, decreased picking delays and delivering an optimized customer experience. Any one second saved in order picking can translate in up to $10 million of annual cost savings.
  • Faster replenishment with precise in-store product localization: Via autonomous data capture, ShelfView can scan shelf and pallet labels to analyze the accurate location of pallets for replenishment. This can save stores up to 2.5 hours a day resulting in store associates being leveraged for more critical tasks.
ShelfView: intelligent and autonomous shelf management for retailers.
ShelfView Autonomous Floor Scrubbers. Image from Scandit

ShelfView collects in-store analytics to improve retail operations by leveraging current technology and requiring little further investment. The technology can be deployed throughout a company’s whole network, scanning millions of photos every day and processing them on-device or in the cloud to provide actionable insights. ShelfView integrates with Brain Corporation’s BrainOS® AI platform to provide a scalable, accessible, and cost-effective solution for automating data collecting with robots. Inventory Scan is a powerful new accessory with a multi-purpose design that can be installed to autonomous floor scrubbers to autonomously scan essential facts about in-store inventory. ShelfView can also be used on mobile devices that retail staff already have.

Scandit ShelfView enables retailers to:

  1. Boost operational efficiencies and reduce costs: ensure accurate pricing and promotion, accelerate the movement of inventory and reduce the low efficiency of in-store order fulfilment which erode profit margins. ShelfView increases productivity of store associates to quickly locate products or verify pricing and promotions.
  2. Expand workforce capacity: The hybrid approach of mobile devices and autonomous floor scrubbers enables retailers to expand the workforce by removing repetitive tasks from the employees and empowering them to focus on value adding tasks, such as customer engagement. Reducing tedious tasks aids retailers in retaining employees to reduce costly churn. 
  3. Get real-time actionable intelligence and reduce errors: ShelfView delivers precise in-store inventory data to drive efficient shelf management and order fulfillment workflows. Enable store associates to correct store level issues before they affect sales.
  4. Improve customer experience and drive revenues: accurately placed, priced, and promoted inventory is essential to delivering a consistent in-store and online customer experience. Frequent and exact shelf management is vital to ensure a frictionless customer journey, particularly in today’s omnichannel world.

Christian Floerkemeier, CTO and Co-Founder of Scanditsaid: “All retailers understand that improving the in-store shopper experience is more important than ever, but doing so economically remains critical. Automating and simplifying routine tasks empowers retailers to maximize revenues while increasing the efficiency, value, and engagement of their store associates. By leveraging our smart data capture capabilities, ShelfView can increase on-shelf product availability, improve the rate of online orders fulfilled and lift sales through accurate pricing and promotion labeling to achieve this.” 

With industry-leading performance, Scandit ShelfView leverages augmented reality (AR), object recognition, object detection, optical character recognition, and other advanced computer vision technology to process images acquired through both mobile devices and autonomous data capture.

To learn more about Scandit ShelfView, click here.

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