Tencent Cloud to power NEXONTOWN metaverse platform for virtual gaming

Tencent Cloud to power NEXONTOWN metaverse platform for virtual gaming.

One-stop metaverse solution provides voice and video services with up to 80% audio packet loss rate and 50% video packet loss rate, creating a comprehensive hub for cross-product communication of different games.

HONG KONG, Dec. 19, 2022 – Tencent Cloud – the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, today announced its collaboration with Nexon Co., Ltd., a global video game publisher, in powering up the launch of its mobile app NEXONTOWN. NEXONTOWN, now available in South Korea, is a metaverse platform that currently houses opened halls, camping sites, classrooms and conference halls, where users interact with each other using items and characters from Nexon’s online games in the virtual world.

Currently, NEXONTOWN allows users to communicate with fellow gamers powered by Tencent Real-Time Communications (TRTC), with real-time video chatting and game items trading feature coming up soon. With TRTC, NEXONTOWN can access capabilities such as high resistance, with up to 80% audio packet loss rate and 50% video packet loss rate, on top of regular audio and video calls; as well as dedicated line-level ultra-low latency, featuring an end-to-end anchor’s latency within 300ms, meeting the requirements of real-time interaction.

Tencent Cloud provides NEXONTOWN with industry-leading ultra-high-quality audio and video features, such as advanced TRAE audio 3A engine, energy competition-based in-room audio mixing, special audio technology, code rate reduction of non-ROI area, time-domain SVC tech, as well as low threshold and fast access and high concurrency support.

“We look forward to more possibilities that will be unlocked by virtual world platforms. In line with this, we are pleased to be providing a one-stop metaverse solution including real-time audio and video services for NEXONTOWN, a mobile app that houses virtual venues, pushing forward digitalization and opening more doors for various metaverse events and functions.”

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said

“NEXONTOWN welcomes everyone to a world of virtual gatherings and events, powered up by high-quality and high-performance services via Tencent Cloud. We look forward to reaping more benefits from Tencent Cloud’s one stop solution, which makes NEXONTOWN’s virtual halls, classrooms and conference sites more engaging, interactive and realistic.”

Sehyoung Oh, Department Manager, NPlatform Business Department of Nexon said

Tencent Cloud also gives game publishers all over the world the access to its interactive media and communication services in addition to TRTC, including Game Multimedia Engine (GME), Stream Services, Instant Messaging, and Media Processing Services, among many other features, which help game publishers establish a comprehensive service platform for cross-product communication, interaction and transactions for players of different games.

Nowadays, businesses can benefit from a range of metaverse-related services provided by Tencent Cloud, giving their users full immersion and realism in the virtual world. These include virtual simulation, virtual cities and campuses; real-time cloud rendering and digital twins; digital humans and avatars such as hosts, salespersons, and customer specialists; and avatars based on real-time capturing and face swapping.

Tencent Cloud also recently introduced its new international audio and video solution brand Tencent Cloud Media Services built upon industry-leading, comprehensive, and easy-to-use media products to help create immersive experiences. Relying on Tencent Cloud’s years of experience in gaming and audio/video fields, Tencent Cloud provides comprehensive support for enterprises to develop their metaverse business and thrive in the hyper-realistic digital world. The metaverse solution leverages state-of-the-art computing, storage, network, and audio/video technologies such as smart codec and AI to provide one-stop technical services for various metaverse projects.

Tencent Cloud provides businesses across the globe with stable and secure industry-leading cloud products and services, leveraging technological advancements such as cloud computing, Big Data analytics, AI, IoT and network security.

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