Autonomous driving network thought leadership paper release

The publication of thought leadership paper on autonomous driving networks paves the way for Autonomous Driven Data Center Network (DCN) at MWC22.

BARCELONA, Spain, March 1, 2022 – Huawei commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform a study of the autonomous driving network thought leadership paper “Building Leading Digital Business Competitiveness with A Highly Autonomous Driven Data Center Network (DCN)” during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022. The study explains how enterprise data centers are evolving into modern cloud data centers, characterized by “multi-cloud and hybrid deployment,” as DCNs move from Level 3 to Level 4. The paper advocates for increased automation and suggests techniques for enterprise data center networks to progress toward greater autonomy.

Forrester questioned IT leaders and technical decision-makers from 197 major and midsize enterprises/organizations throughout the world about their data center networks’ current state, issues, and transformation ambitions.

New Technologies and Business Models Drive Data Center Networks Towards High Autonomy

According to the study, 61.9 percent of businesses are employing private and hybrid clouds to establish data centers. On-demand self-service, ubiquitous access, resource pooling, quick elasticity, and measurable standard service capabilities are all provided by cloud data centers. All of this necessitates the development of highly autonomous driving networks. Simultaneously, rising market competitiveness and rapid business model innovation place more demands on service continuity and real-time performance. These growing business expectations necessitate greater autonomy in order to facilitate network deployment and service delivery, as well as to ensure service continuity and avoid downtime.

Autonomous driving network thought leadership paper release

Increasingly Complex Networks and Outdated Network Facilities and Technologies Are Key Challenges on the Way to Autonomous Driving Networks

After self-assessment, 64% of the surveyed enterprises believe that their data centers are in the L3 phase — a conditional autonomous driving network. Technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and SDN help data center networks improve automation and intelligent O&M. However, enterprises still face many challenges in automatic deployment and implementation. Especially, the construction and O&M phases still heavily rely on experts’ advice and employee skills, which is inefficient and error-prone.

In fact, most enterprises rely on vendors’ solutions (covering automated implementation plans, processes, and related tools) to achieve a certain degree of automation for the single-cloud and single-DC network. As enterprise data centers develop rapidly, multi-DC, multi-cloud, and heterogeneous networks are becoming the new norm, exponentially increasing network complexity. As a result, the existing solutions, tools, and skills cannot meet the requirements.

Surveyed enterprises' self-assessment on the maturity of key capabilities in their data centers
Surveyed enterprises’ self-assessment on the maturity of key capabilities in their data centers. Base: 197 respondents from large-sized organizations globally with multiple data center requirements. Source: Data center network automation survey, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Huawei, Jan 2022.

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Data centers are not built in one go. 50.8% of the surveyed enterprises said that they still utilize many old networks and devices while expanding and building their data center infrastructure. However, traditional network architecture is not flexible and evolves slowly. As such, it’s hard to automate older networks. This signals another key issue — finding ways to rebuild outdated infrastructure and technologies to protect past investments.

Best Practices and Partnerships Can Accelerate Evolution

Forrester suggests that enterprises formulate clear data center network automation goals and evolution paths based on their current status and strategies. They can also learn from industry best practices. Network automation involves all aspects of technology — including network devices, hybrid cloud architecture, and automation — so it is difficult for enterprises to accomplish by themselves. The solution is to draw on the strengths of partners to accelerate automation, staying ahead of the competition.

Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Comes Top in L3.5 Autonomous Driving Data Center Networks

Recently, Tolly Group — a global provider of testing and third-party validation and certification services — compared Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution and a mainstream data center SDN solution. The report rated Huawei’s solution with 3.51 points — far higher than the 2.8 points received by the mainstream solution. It is also the only L3.5 data center autonomous driving network solution that has been verified by Tolly.

Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution provides full-lifecycle automation and intelligent O&M capabilities for data center networks. It draws on several innovative technologies, such as the open programmability framework, service orchestration platform, digital twin, and knowledge graph. These allow Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 to centrally manage multi-DC, multi-cloud, heterogeneous networks, provision services in seconds, perform simulation and verification, as well as locate faults between applications and networks. The solution facilitates agile service innovation and enables real-time service provisioning. Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 has been widely used across industries such as finance, government, large enterprises, and carriers, accelerating enterprises’ digital transformation and helping customers achieve business success.

MWC Barcelona 2022 runs from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona, Spain.

Source: Huawei

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