Ottobot Delivery Robot

Ottonomy Unveils Ottobot; The World’s First Fully Autonomous Delivery Robot Delivering in Both Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Leveraging contextual mapping and cutting-edge navigation technologies, Ottonomy’s proprietary technology enables fully autonomous delivery for retail and restaurant industries.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2022 – Today at CES, Ottonomy unveils Ottobots, a fleet of fully autonomous delivery robots for restaurant and retail industries for both indoor and outdoor environments. Ottonomy recently made announcements in partnership with CVG Airport and Presto launching autonomous delivery robots in North America.

“We are excited to unveil Ottobots at our first CES,” says Ritukar Vijay, CEO of Ottonomy. “The pandemic has provided Ottobots a catalyst enabling a series of partnerships that allowed us to launch fully autonomous delivery for indoor deliveries, curbside deliveries and last-mile deliveries.”

Ottobot is the world’s first fully autonomous airport delivery robot, delivering retail and food items at Cincinnati’s CVG Airport. Ottobot has also teamed with Crave, a meal delivery service based in Los Angeles, to provide last-mile food delivery to its restaurant customers. Presto, a leading provider of restaurant automation technologies, said in December 2021 that guests of its partner restaurants will be able to order food using Presto’s technology and have it delivered by Ottonomy’s robots. One of the world’s top retailers is now evaluating our technology for several use cases.

Ottobot Delivery Fleet
Ottobot Delivery Fleet

Ottobot pilots started running during the pandemic in 2020. The initial robot deliveries gathered additional research to further develop the program and user experience as rollouts continue across the country over the year.

How Ottobot Works

The Ottobots make a digital map of the serviceable region and then locate themselves within it. While traveling autonomously to fulfill orders, its live location is updated on the map. Ottobot can travel through congested and uncertain areas thanks to Ottonomy’s exclusive contextual mobility navigation algorithms. Ottonomy delivers a highly scalable and versatile system for managing a fleet of robots deployed across many continents, leveraging a comprehensive range of tools.

To support its effort to roll out Ottobots across North America over the next 18 months, Ottonomy has formed a strategic partnership with ARO, a global leader in robotic management, operations, and support. ARO will support Ottonomy during its rollout, including implementation, daily operations, robotic fleet management, and complete robot lifecycle management. Ottonomy is also a new addition to Newlab at Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York, where they will be running additional pilots.

Ottonomy will be on-site at CES 2022 in Las Vegas: you can visit Booth 9648 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall during CES from January 4-7, 2022. To learn more about Ottobots you can visit the website:

Ottonomy is a deep tech startup, providing contactless deliveries using fully autonomous robots. Its primary focus is on helping retailers and restaurants automate indoor and outdoor contactless deliveries. Ottonomy was recognized as among the top 50 robotics companies worldwide in 2021 by Robotics Business Review and has won the Mobility Startup Award given by Plug & Play Accelerator, and the Sustainability Product of the Year Award for 2021 by the Business Intelligence Group. The company is backed by Connetic Ventures.

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