World’s First Nuclear-powered atomic Superyacht Earth 300. It is 300 meters long and is equipped with sustainable technology. Aim to study climate change and hope to find some solutions. The Science City on this reconnaissance ship is large enough to accommodate 160 scientists and 22 state-of-the-art laboratories.


  • The Earth 300 craft is emission-free and is powered by nuclear energy.
  • Aaron Oliver, CEO of Earth 300, hopes to attract the “smartest and brightest” scientists.
  • The ship is scheduled to leave in 2025 and will have 160 scientists and 40 VIP guests.

What is a Superyacht?

A superyacht or mega yacht is a large luxury cruise ship. There is no official or agreed definition of this type of yacht, but these terms are usually used to describe motor or sailing yachts with professional crews, ranging in length from 40 meters to 180 meters, and sometimes include yachts of the same size. Over 24 meters (79 feet).

Superyachts can usually be hired. The staff provides guests with a high level of comfort. They can be designed to emphasize comfort, speed, or adventure capabilities. Depending on the season, superyachts are more common in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Many of these rents can be hired at prices exceeding 100,000 Euros per week. These yachts also can have multiple pools. You can bring all kinds of water toys, other boats, and helicopters.

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The ship was designed by the international company IDDES Yachts under the direction of naval architect Ivan Salas Jefferson. This bold new concept, comfortable in a futuristic style, provides a modern form with abbreviated terms and optimized shapes.

The Polish naval architecture company NED has collaborated with Iddes Yachts to complete the otherworldly design of the Earth 300, which has a geometric pattern extending toward the bow.

However, the most striking feature of the craft is that its “scientific field” is tailored to the earth, poetically speaking; scientists will work hard to protect this field. It contains a 13-story “Science City”, where some famous climate researchers in the world work together to develop new climate solutions using the latest ocean technology.

Nuclear Powered Superyatch
World’s First Nuclear-powered atomic Superyacht Earth 300

Other features include an observation deck, which looks elegant on the top of the ship, with 46-meter-long beams and an apron. The ship will also carry many modern underwater vehicles for underwater exploration.

In an interview, Aaron Oliver, CEO of Earth 300, said that “This ship will have the characteristics of a cruise, expedition, exploration and luxury yacht, but it will not have any characteristics.”

Earth 300 Technology

The superyacht powered by the core uses electricity from the molten salt reactor on board, which is based on the technology of the nuclear innovation company TerraPower founded by Bill Gates.

This is the first time that a quantum computer and molten salt reactor have been installed on a ship. This ship will be built as a floating computer, and the construction cost will reach a staggering 35 to 500 million pounds.

World’s First Nuclear-powered atomic Superyacht Earth 300 spans 984 feet and is impressive, making it larger than the Titanic. The craft is close to four figures belonging to some of the largest ships in the world. Most of it will be used with scientific equipment instead of being recorded by a group of climate scientists.

The combination of embedded sensors, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and real-time computing will help understand data and the world’s first commercial ocean quantum computer. All the information they will get from the research will be open-source and shared with other climate researchers as part of the “mission of bringing science and research together to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.”

In an interview, Giulio Ceppi, head of EARTH 300 system technology, said that “To cope with the huge challenge of climate change, Earth 300 will integrate unprecedented science, technology, adventure, exploration, education, and entertainment.”

Also said that they want to develop the most innovative and effective tool in the collective plan for the survival of the oceans and the planet and they believe that Citizen Science will be their key to a better future.

Nuclear Powered Superyatch
World’s First Nuclear-powered atomic Superyacht Earth 300


According to the official website of EARTH 300, the ship is expected to be delivered in 2025 and will serve up to 160 scientists from different disciplines at the same time. There will also be 20 students, 165 crew members, and 40 VIP guests in attendance. And the ticket cost will be $3 million. The Earth 300 project led by CEO Oliver is supported by various partners including IBM, Triton Submarines, EYOS Expeditions, and RINA, which are the world’s leading classification societies in the cruise industry. After completing the preliminary design and ship design of the Earth 300, all they have to do is to wait for the estimated launch date of the Earth 300 in 2025

Tickets cost will be $3 million for VIPs and free for Students and Scientists

VIPs can spend US$3 million on a 10-day zero-emission nuclear yacht trip. Some lucky students or scientists selected to participate in the weather impact study, which will be a free trip for them.

According to the website, the yacht named Earth 300 is becoming a symbol of global science. It is currently planned to sail with 160 scientists from various disciplines, 20 students, 165 employees, and 40 VIP guests in 2025, which can pay 3 million US dollars for travel tickets.

Aaron Oliver, CEO of Earth 300, told the Financial Times that when he was diving in the Maldives, he thought about yachts and sailing in 2015, and saw dead corals being overoxidized in the ocean Kill.

Then he proposed the idea of ​​sending the “smartest man” scientists on the ship of the new century to find a joint solution to the climate change problem.

The craft will be powered by safe and sustainable nuclear energy in molten salt reactors and will include 22 advanced laboratories with artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, real-time computing, and cutting-edge technology computer, got to know from the official website.

Nuclear Powered Superyatch

Will Scientists be able to save the world with this 980-foot nuclear Superyacht?

The fusion of science and superyachts may seem far-fetched, but the 600-foot REV Ocean, the world’s largest superyacht, is an expedition and vessel designed by the legendary superyacht designer Espen Oino, with interior accessories as an H2 yacht interface. REV Ocean is also the core of the scientific mission initiated by Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke and completed in the second half of that year.

But compared to the 980-foot concept superyacht planned by Earth 300, REV Ocean seems to be small. And because the craft was built with 100% carbon-free propulsion technology, it might be the most environmentally friendly superyacht ever.

According to the preliminary report, the lofty goal of Earth 300 is to create an Olympic torch for world science and expand their knowledge and understanding of the two universes above and below the ocean.

The result is to provide a next-generation collaboration platform for the latest scientific research on the sea. Their radical design-iconic, elegant, aesthetic-is intentional. The Science Sphere and console observation deck on the floor are the most obvious and compelling examples.

According to Earth 300, the nuclear power generated by the marine version of the molten salt reactor (m-MSR) has almost no moving parts and provides clean and sustainable energy, pushing ocean transportation into the future. Earth 300 will be the first exploration ship with a revolutionary propulsion system.

Although their first report on “nuclear power” will still attract serious attention from scientists and the public, the advancement of this technology and the ability to generate large amounts of energy in new and clean ways can create meaningful and affordable solutions, which is suitable for the largest ship in the world. Bill Gates’ Terra Power and some of the smartest people in the world are also working on this technology.

Aaron Olivera, Earth 300’s Founder & CEO gave a spirited introduction to the project.

The Earth 300 was designed by Iddes Yachts using the naval architecture of the NED project and the ambitious goals of this futuristic craft, including the list of various partners including polar research experts EYOS Expeditions and Core Power Energy. And it is expected that the research laboratory will be reframed and the fleet can be reached.

The possibilities that Earth 300 scientists will have that ability in them including artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and real-time computing. Because of the huge global challenges they face so they need to opt for new ideas and also they will pay close attention to this project.

The 300-meter floating research laboratory Earth 300 Unveiled

Traditionally, superyachts are the epitome of luxury, but the design of modern yachts requires a solid fabric, not just a pure hedonistic yacht. The crew of Iddes Yachts and Earth 300 heard that call and spoke with it.

The Earth 300 specification is different from any previous craft’s specification. Based on the platform developed by REV and OceanXplorer, Earth 300 not only invites scientists but also world leaders and decision-makers to participate in their research missions to inspire people who can make real changes.

In an interview, Ivan Salas Jefferson, founder of Iddes Yachts said that “They will make science sexy and they will be well known and focus on protecting the oceans that no one has been to before. Adding various submersibles, semi-submersibles, and nuclear power plants to this modern robot and AI system will result in a new generation of ships better than any other. And they will do the job in such a way that others never thought about it”.

However, what makes Earth 300 so outstanding, is not only the scale of the project, although it is easily the largest superyacht ever built at a height of 300 meters, the network of the project is made up of various employees and experts from all over the world. Everyone has a common vision.

Ivan Jefferson first met Aaron Oliver, CEO of Earth 300, in a small village in northern Sweden. Then they immediately discovered a common vision that is combining scientific research to solve the biggest problems on earth.

So stay tuned to Heshmore to get the latest update related to Earth 300 Superyacht.

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