Gesture Control Smartphone Concept

World’s first single system-on-chip contactless 3D gesture recognition system from KaiKuTek

New contactless gesture recognition system by KaiKuTek to fundamentally change the way we interact with the world.

TAIPEI, July 29, 2022 – A wholly-owned subsidiary of JMicron Technology Crop. Taiwanese startup, KaiKuTeK Inc., is revolutionizing a post-pandemic world with a game-changing innovation that meets the needs of a low-touch economy. KaiKuTeK has unveiled the world’s first contactless gesture recognition system at CES 2022.

system-on-chip contactless 3D gesture recognition system

Dubbed K60168, KaiKuTeK’s approaches for human-machine interaction promises a cost-effective, intuitive, and versatile solution to be used in various devices that require physical human interaction.

Compared to traditional human-machine interface systems that utilize physical buttons and touch sensors, K60168 reduces the need for physical interaction for convenience and an improved user experience.

K60168 is a system-on-chip (SoC) solution integrating 60 GHz millimeter-wave radar, antennas, and artificial intelligence accelerators. Key advantages of using millimeter-wave radar technology for gesture recognition include quick response time and higher recognition accuracy.

Gesture Control Gaming
Gesture Control Gaming

Revolutionizing human-machine interaction

KaiKuTeK’s innovative solution is an industry first. It achieves top-tier functionality for device manufacturers through an advanced AiP (antenna-in-package) design with fewer external BOM (bill of materials).

The K60168’s dedicated radar DSP and custom AI accelerator touts high resolutions, low power consumption, low production cost, and smaller form-factor, which is especially crucial for compact end products.

The unique solution of KaiKuTeK promises many real-world consumer product applications, including smart watch, AR glass, smart home, and more — directly impacting and benefiting consumers’ lives no matter where they are around the world.

Gesture Control K60168
Gesture Control K60168

S. Tony Lin, Vice Present of Sales and Marketing of KaiKuTek, said: “This innovative solution will make the future more reality. The K60168 will, for the first time, enables a new world of AI-enabled machine user interaction applicable to any field, from gaming to automotive, avionics or the home.

We believe we are initiating millimetre-wave gesture recognition solutions and look forward to working with industry partners to unveil more dynamic, life-changing solutions beyond CES 2022.”

K60168 abilities:

  • Provide users with a more intuitive, convenient, and innovative experience;
  • Reduce risks of contact and transmission of pathogens such as COVID-19, and
  • Reduce operational difficulties caused by traditional human-machine interfaces (e.g. physical buttons);
  • Fast function switching for devices used in the metaverse (such as VR/AR gloves).

KaiKuTeK has collaborated with industry partners in the design-win stage, such as KYM, WLINK, and GreenIdeas, to develop K60168-enabled consumer products.

KaiKuTeK’s exhibition at CES 2022 demonstrated the functionality of K60168 in several end-products. Including wearables like headsets and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) and AIoT devices (artificial intelligence of things) such as a smart light bar and a smart parking meter system, among others.

K60168 reached mass production in Q42020 — a testament to strong market demand.

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