Bitwarden Rolls Out New Username Generator to All Users.

In addition to passwords and passphrases, the Bitwarden Generator now helps you create secure and unique usernames for all your accounts.

SANTA BARBARA, Cali – –Bitwarden, the open-source password manager trusted by millions of businesses and individuals, today announced a new username generator, augmenting the existing password generator. A popular request from the highly-valued community, this new Bitwarden Generator is available to all Bitwarden plans. Users are now able to instantly and easily create secure and unique usernames and passwords to save in their Bitwarden vault.

“Usernames often come as an afterthought and commonly include a primary email address, a first initial and last name, or even a birth year,” Kyle Spearrin, founder and CTO of Bitwarden explains. “Treating usernames with care can be a great way to boost security and privacy practices online.” 

 Using the Bitwarden Generator to create both unique usernames and passwords ensures that a potential data leak from one service does not put any other accounts at risk, or reveal any useful information about a user for hackers to leverage in future attacks.

Use the Bitwarden Generator to Easily Create Unique Usernames

The generator offers an option for creating a random “plus addressed email,” such as, for email providers that support this capability. Plus addressing provides extra options for mailbox management and may also reveal any services that have sold email addresses to third parties. Other options include a generated email address at a specific domain for a catch-all email account or a simple random word and number to be used as a non-email username.

Everyone should have access to internet security no matter their budget. In line with this cause, Bitwarden includes the ability to generate secure usernames and passwords in every plan within the Bitwarden desktop app, web client, and browser extensions, providing a valuable security tool accessible by all.

Generating usernames in mobile applications will appear in a future release.

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