Dronut® X1

Dronut® X1 is a drone without any visible propellers.

The Dronut® is the first bi-rotor ducted drone in the world, built to go where other robots can’t. The Dronut® can live stream high-definition video and collect LiDAR data in ultra-confined locations and tough surroundings thanks to its high mobility, powerful sensors, and advanced algorithms.

Designed and built specifically for locations where GPS is not available, Cleorobotics is giving drones a new look that could make a big difference in security and safety by putting the propellers inside. Consumer drones are propelled into the air by four propellers. These propellers, on the other hand, make drones unsuitable for use indoors or in tight places where they may encounter many obstacles at once.

The Dronut®’s ducted fan design allows it to fly comfortably near people, in confined spaces, and around sensitive equipment, unlike traditional drones. The Dronut®, which has been meticulously built for efficiency and safety, will save you time, money, and even lives.

Law enforcement and military personnel will be able to deploy the Dronut in high-risk areas without fear of a propeller colliding with a wall and damaging the gadget. It is even safe enough to catch in mid-flight.

The Dronut® requires little to no training thanks to its cutting-edge autonomy suite, allowing the operator to focus on the work at hand while the Dronut handles the flying.


Dronut® X1 is a drone without any visible propellers

Weight15.5 oz
Dimensions6.5″ x 4″
Max speed4 m/s (software limited)
Wind speed15 km/h
Flight time12 mins
Charge time40 mins
Wireless linkWifi
Range (environment dependent)1 km
Operating frequency2.4 GHz
Remote controllerAndroid phone
Battery typeRechargeable and


Sensor payload4k camera
Global shutter camera
Stream resolutionHD (1280×960)
Stream frame rate30 fps
Field of view100 deg
AutonomyAuto position hold
Obstacle detection
Hovering accuracy< 0.1m

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