Honda Self Righting Bike

Honda’s Self-Balancing Bike with Riding Assist 2.0.

Make riding a motorbike easier, safer, and more economical for everyone. This is the purpose of Honda’s Riding Assist project, which has been in development for some years and saw the first operational bike unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Honda also presented the Riding Assist-Econcept in October of the same year.

After nearly five years, the 2.0 evolution of the bike has been demonstrated, which is capable of maintaining its own balance.

The self-balancing was achieved in the 2017 prototype (see video below) through an original steer-by-wire system, which entailed steering disarticulated from the frame and the use of electric servo motors capable of correcting the inclination of the front wheel by balancing the vehicle in its lateral movement.

The bike, which was built on an NC750S, was able to move independently and at a speed of 5 km/h in addition to maintaining balance in the stops.

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The Riding Assist 2.0, which was demonstrated a few days ago at a Honda test facility, works in a completely new way. With the motto “safety for all,” it is offered as an experimental safety car. The beginning bike in this example is a Honda NM4 Vultus, but with a new chassis and a new technology to keep the bike balanced.

The following video demonstrates how it works. A swingarm that is moveable with respect to the motorcycle’s axis of rotation is used to rectify the lateral tilt. It is possible to retain balance not just at stops, but also when cornering or reversing at a very low speed.

In summary, the goal isIn short, the goal is to restore balance to a vehicle that has lost it when the wheels stop turning – unless you are an expert trialist – even while dealing with weights and dimensions that are difficult to control.

Because the steering geometry is unaffected – and the handlebar is the first means by which the rider must understand the bike’s reactions – the new self-balancing system demonstrates advancement in functionality and a new strategy, while the independent movement of the rear rebalances the masses.

In the absence of official information, it can only be presumed that the system employs gyroscopes and electronic actuators to rebalance the vehicle by intervening on the swingarm’s lateral inclination.

A technology that might be used on scooters and possibly coupled with other driver aid features on which all of the main manufacturers, including Honda, are working hard, as evidenced by several patents and test vehicles.

  • Honda Self Righting Bike
  • Honda Self Righting Bike
  • Honda Self Righting Bike

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