Iron Man Style Human-Machine Interaction with Holographic Images.

Las Vegas, CES January 5, 2023 – Holo Industries debuts their disruptive new Holographic Touch™, a groundbreaking new technology that provides responsive mid-air interaction without the use of special lighting, glasses, or headgear. Holo Industries’ product line has expanded to include a dozen new formats, from a 100mm door entry system to a kiosk with a life-size holographic avatar.

Holographic imagery is provided by ASKA3D’s Holographic Plates. The precision plates, manufactured by Asukanet in Japan, when combined with Holo Industries’ proprietary optics, software and sensors creates Holographic Touch.

The following interactive holographic products will be on display along with the holographic plates at CES 2023, Stand 9053.

  • Mastercard Merchant Systems: Holographic payment terminals for retailers
  • Hyundai Automotive Entertainment Console: Hyundai Palisades SUV holographic entertainment console
  • Kiosks: European modern Cubist design and brushed metal and wood holographic kiosks
  • Medical Avatar: Connect with a virtual medical admissions agent
  • Gambling: Interactive holographic rar-top gambling systems for casinos and home recreation
  • Wheelchair Entry Systems: Contactless ADA holographic wheelchair entry systems with audio
  • Residential Entry Systems: Holographic keypad for contactless entry
  • Asukanet Holographic Plates: Test the unique properties of the industry’s leading precision plates

Holo Industries is the inventor of Holographic Touch™, a disruptive technology that combines holographic plates, optics, sensors and proprietary software and hardware components to create highly responsive mid-air interaction. Holo Industries manufactures products in various sizes and form factors for the consumer, elevator, restaurant, banking, retail, hospitality, gaming, medical, automotive and aerospace industries. Holo industries is the technology partner and distributor of ASKA3D Holographic plates in Europe and North America.

Asukanet Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 in Hiroshima, Japan. Ahead of other companies, we have been involved in the innovation of photography, and has developed three businesses: the Photobook business, which enables on-demand printing from a single book; the Funeral business, which specializes in the funeral market; and ASKA3D, which aims to create a new market and realize dreams with its unique, unprecedented technology of holographic imaging.

Asukanet’s ASKA3D technology is a special technology that succeeds in forming a real holographic image in the air equidistant on the opposite side of an object through a special panel “ASKA3D-Plate” made of glass or resin. This is a new holographic imaging technology that is completely different from conventional holograms and integral imaging, and we have obtained a patent for it. Please look forward to the future of ASKA3D that will provide the best eye-catching output as the definitive output of the digital signage era.

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