OneMeta’s AI web-based translation app can translate 82 languages in near real time.

OneMeta AI Solves Millennia of Cross-Language Confusion with Verbum, a Web-based App that Supports Real-time Language Translations, Transcriptions, and Closed Captioning in 82 Languages.

Verbum v1.0 is trying to revolutionize real-time conversations, discussions, meetings, events, and online chats between and among individuals who speak different languages.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Jan. 4, 2023 – OneMeta AI™ (OTC Pink:ONEI) today unveiled version 1.0 of Verbum™, a web-based application designed to revolutionize communication between individuals who speak different languages, specifically, up to 82 different languages and 40 different dialects.

Based upon its proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, the Verbum platform provides five previously unavailable near-Realtime communication capabilities within one digital tool. These are:

  • Automated Verbal Translation Verbum translates up to 82 languages and 40 dialects in near-realtime so up to 50 participants can hear the conversation in his/her native language.
  • Multilingual Closed Captioning During a Verbum-powered online call or meeting, all participants can read auto-generated closed captioning in their native tongue, regardless of the language spoken by the original speaker.
  • On-the-Fly Transcription Transcripts are auto-generated for up to 50 participants/languages for each online call, meeting, or event powered by Verbum.
  • Instantaneous Translation at On-Site Events As speakers give presentations, Verbum instantaneously delivers the translated text of their speeches to the attendee’s mobile devices in the native language of the device owners.
  • Multilingual Online Chat Written customer chat messages are auto-translated by Verbum into a service rep’s native language; their replies are then auto-translated back into text in the customer’s native tongue.
OneMeta's AI web-based translation app can translate 82 languages in near real time.

“In spite of what Pulitzer Prize-winning and bestselling author, Thomas Friedman, wrote in his book ‘The World is Flat,’ the reality is that one of the biggest obstacles for ‘flattening’ the world are the hundreds of languages and dialects used around the planet,” said Saul Leal, CEO and founder of OneMeta AI. “Although many advances have been made with language translation and transcription capabilities, services and technologies around the globe, we still fall woefully short of truly enabling verbal and written communications for pragmatic every day experiences within business and training. Until today.

“With today’s unveiling, we at OneMeta AI are unleashing Verbum, a transformative communications platform that changes the way people everywhere can communicate with other individuals in near-realtime. Whether you, your team, or your organization needs to communicate in a one-on-one setting, a one-to-many environment, or a many-to-many discussion, Verbum can handle it across 82 languages and 40 dialects. And with the 120+ languages/dialects we initially support, we are shattering language barriers and miscommunication challenges for over half of the world’s population.”

Verbum works on any internet-connected smartphone, computer, or tablet. Its verbal and written accuracy ranges between a highly accurate 92—97% on a language-to-language basis but does so in near-realtime speeds of 1 second or less for both verbal translations and written transcriptions.

OneMeta's AI web-based translation app can translate 82 languages in near real time.

“No digital tool or person-based service exists today that can come close to matching Verbum’s translation and/or transcription capabilities, especially when taken in concert,” Leal said. “In fact, it is not unusual for transcription service providers to take weeks to produce a foreign language transcription of a recorded conversation or discussion. By contrast, we do so in roughly a second.

“Additionally, providing an on-the-fly verbal interpretation service comparable to what Verbum offers would require an impossible combination of highly skilled language professionals capable of interpreting Spanish into Japanese, Tagalog into German, English into Afrikaans, or any other language pairing or combination you could think of. In other words, it’s not doable. But with the AI and ML engines that power Verbum, it’s not only possible, it’s available today.”

Similarly, Pablo Scotellaro, president of CERTAL, says Verbum dramatically transformed their recent conference at the Organization of American States, in Washington D.C., an event supporting people who speak and read three different languages.

“Language is always one of the biggest challenges of any event where people speak and read different languages,” Scotellaro said. “And yet with Verbum, we dramatically changed the communication obstacles and costs we would normally face at such an event. I look forward to working with the OneMeta AI team to address communication difficulties for other events and cross-border situations.”

Pricing for Verbum starts at $49.99 per month.

OneMeta AI’s proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning tools allow the spoken and written word to be translated and transcribed in approximately one second across of scores of languages. Its first product, Verbum, supports near-Realtime web-based conversations, discussions, meetings, events, and online chats in 82 languages and 40 dialects

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