John Deere advanced machines for high-tech agriculture. John Deere X9
John Deere X9

John Deere advanced machines for high-tech agriculture. John Deere is taking harvesting performance to the next level with the introduction of two new X-Series combinations for harvest season 2021. The X9 1000 and X9 1100 blends help large-scale farmers tap, separate, and clean up more bushels per hour or more harvested acres in a day – even as conditions change.

John Deere’s new X-series machine includes the reaper. Intelligent, capable of performing specific tasks or duplicating human movements or communication Emphasize the machine. Evaluation of engineering and functionality, aesthetics, and design; which makes the product unique and innovative.

John Deere advanced machines for Harvesting

The machine used to harvest cereal crops such as wheat and paddy. It consists of the assembly of a 76 mm crossbar, a seven-crop divider, and two vertical conveyor belts equipped with a lug, pressure spring, net pulley, and gearbox for the power transmission system.

John Deere advanced machines for high-tech agriculture X9 Combine
X9 Combine


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  • Combined X Series is equipped with an Active Vision camera, which can help farmers see the inside of the combine machine’s grain bin and observe the waste so they can monitor the condition of the harvested seeds, individually.
  • The X-series is included with monitors inside, which allows the service technicians and farmers to manage issues remotely that minimizing downtime and supporting profitability.
  • The X Series combines computer vision, integrated connectivity, intellectual property, machine-to-machine communication, and driving capabilities.

John Deere is a world leader in providing innovative products, technologies, and services to customers who have revolutionized agriculture and construction – growers, harvesters, transformers, enrichment, and building on land to meet the world’s growing demand for food, fuel, shelter, and infrastructure.

John Deere advanced machines for high-tech agriculture

Incorporating technology that enables the X Series to power.

The X-series combine is equipped with Active Vision camera technology that allows farmers to look inside the combine’s grain tank and observe the tail ore, allowing them to monitor the condition of the harvested grain down to the individual grain.

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Unique AI, computer vision, machine-to-machine communication in the field, integrated sensors, and self-driving capabilities all help improve harvest productivity. The Add-on options contain AutoTrac RowSense, in-field data sharing, active terrain adjustment, and section controls. This technology provides farmers with valuable “momentary” information that enables them to make important harvest decisions.

John Deere advanced machines for high-tech agriculture  Tractor and Plantor
John Deere advanced machines for high-tech agriculture Tractor and Plantor

As a result, the combine can run longer at peak levels (up to 14 hours without refueling), even as harvest conditions change. When it’s time to refuel, the X-series combine is ready to fill a full tank within 2.5 minutes. Thanks to the new high-speed fuel system, it offers filling speeds up to 550 liters/minute.

Generate 70% more wheat per hour

Designed to excel in northern, high humidity, demanding separation conditions, the X-Series has been proven to achieve over 100 tons per hour at a one percent loss level. The merger includes the widest feed on the market, which is the foundation for the X9 Performance. Together with the new dual rotary separator and the industry’s largest cleaning shoe, they work together to improve crop flow and increase harvesting capacity. Along with previous models, the X9 1100 can harvest up to 70% more wheat per hour.

John Deere advanced machines for high-tech agriculture
John Deere

Redesigned Interior

The new style X Series cab includes more storage space, more USB ports, and better connectivity than previous models. By adding an optional touch screen satellite radio, you can give your Smartphone a car-like experience, allowing operators to use voice commands or integrated controls. Find directions, make phone calls, listen to music, and send and receive messages.

Customers have a choice of three cable packages such as Select, Premium, or Ultimate. The Ultimate features a new hot, air-cooled seat rotating 16° right or left to accommodate advanced operators and all-day comfort, including the high levels of comfort, lighting, and technology offered by Deere.

You can also protect with the addition of a new machine to the protection of John Deere Protect Extended Service Plans. This includes annual expert inspection, regular maintenance, a 24-hour uptime guarantee, and options for maximizing uptime during harvest through part coverage.

Remote Connectivity

All X series combines can be connected to the John Deere Operation Center. This allows service technicians to manage the problem remotely and minimize downtime to support the farm’s profitability.

In an interview, John Deere said that “Technology and innovation are central to how they help farmers overcome uncertainty and improve efficiency,” Independent and connected machines, such as their X Series incorporate those that open up opportunities for informed and accurate decision-making on the scales, which support the ultimate goal of feeding the growing world population.

John Deere won the CES Innovation Award for two consecutive years, and the CES 2021, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), will be all digital virtual events from January 11 to 14.

The X9 1100 can harvest up to 30 hectares of hard fields, a high harvest per hour of wheat, and harvest up to 7,200 bushels per hour of high yielding maize. In an interview, Matt Badding, director of harvested products for John Deere said that “When conditions change, the X9 can automatically adjust the operator to keep it running at its best capabilities possible.” The harvest condition improves and at noon humidity evaporates. Previously, these changes required the operator to adjust the combination settings to help the machine compensate.

Besides, this combination can be used with integrated precision farming techniques to collect critical mechanical and yield data and improve harvest results. The integrated StarFire 6000 receiver does not require more accurate Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) calibration than previous models. The new guidance system improvements allow the new receiver to boot up and acquire GPS signals faster, allowing the combination to start operating in less time and with improved accuracy.

Both models are standardized with JDLink, which includes a five-year service. This facilitates communication to the machine for producers to share machine performance information with their crops. John Deere’s Conderness Support, customers get dealer service through expert warning, Industry-exclusive, and remote support capabilities.

Customers can choose from three X-series combine technology packages (Select, Premium, and Ultimate). Select includes StarFire 6000 integrated receiver, 4th generation 4600 display, Harvest Smart, interactive combine adjustment, and Connect Mobile support. Premium in the Select package includes Premium 3.0 activation with active terrain adjustment and AutoTrac RowSense, section controls, and in-field data sharing.

Badding says that the equipment includes a wide supply house, a double separator, and the largest shield in the industry, all of which work together to improve plant flow and increase yield capacity. The largest threshing and splitting sites ever provided by Deere. The crop in XDS is being threshed and divided into nine transitions, resulting in fewer grain losses and higher yields. The 75-square-foot Dyna-Flo XL cleaning shoe has 36% more cleaning space than the S790.

Jahmy Hindman, Chief Technology Officer for John Deere said that John Deere is honored to receive the CES award as it underlines their ongoing commitment to agriculture, innovation, and technology, the award recognizes their efforts to build advanced intelligent machines, systems, and solutions that unlock customers’ economic value through precision, automation, speed, and previously impossible efficiency.

“Investment in agriculture is an investment in our collective future,” Hindman said. “Emerging technology is a key enabler to providing farmers with the necessary autonomy, transparency, and value to make our agricultural future more profitable and sustainable.”

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