Virtual image built with MORAI SIM

MORAI to Unveil Cloud-Based Autonomous Driving Simulation Technology at CES 2022.

MORAI, the world’s leading provider of full-stack autonomous driving simulation technology, announced today that it will debut MORAI SIM Cloud at CES 2022, which uses the cloud to create a variety of simulation scenarios with no hardware constraints and allows simultaneous testing.

MORAI SIM Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of MORAI SIM, the existing MORAI autonomous driving simulator, that allows customers to run simulation tests in the cloud without having to install any software on their local PCs. The cloud-based solution will be critical in enhancing test efficiency since it allows users to execute a huge number of simulation tests that would otherwise require several computers on a single computer.

MORAI SIM Cloud will also offer a test automation feature, which automatically distributes test cases in a cloud environment to perform tests and generate finalized results.

“Based on the cloud-based simulation technology we introduce at CES 2022, MORAI will actively expand domestic and global business opportunities,” said Jiwon Jung, CEO of MORAI. “We will also leverage in-person engagement at this year’s CES as an opportunity to further foster global partnerships and actively engage in sharing autonomous driving simulation technologies.”

MORAI is the only developer and distributor of a full-stack autonomous driving simulation platform in South Korea, with more than 100 clients, including Hyundai Mobis, Naver Labs, and Samsung Engineering. In 2021, the company has raised around two billion KRW through a bridge funding round and was nominated as a future unicorn company by the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea and garnered the Hong Dae-yong Award for Patent Technology. MORAI also received additional recognition, such as the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development Award in the Youth Enterprise Sector and the Prime Minister’s Commendation

MORAI ( was founded in 2018 as a startup by former KAIST autonomous driving researchers dedicated to creating autonomous driving simulation platforms and has since started to provide simulation software for verifying the safety and reliability of self-driving systems. MORAI is the first Korean company to have independently developed a full-stack self-driving simulation solution which includes the core simulation engine.

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