Oppo Introduces Air Glass

Oppo Introduces Air Glass Assisted Reality Device.

At INNO Day 2021, OPPO showcased the OPPO Air Glass for the first time. The groundbreaking aR (assisted Reality) device, which features an OPPO-developed Spark Micro Projector, cutting-edge Micro LED, and a bespoke diffraction optical waveguide display, supports four different user interactions via touch, voice, head movement, and hand motion, allowing users to access information more quickly and easily.

“OPPO has been exploring the possibilities of Extended Reality (XR) for a long time, and with Air Glass, we have finally created a smart glass product that is truly within the reach of consumers,” said Levin Liu, OPPO Vice President and Head of OPPO Research Institute. “As its futuristic design suggests, OPPO Air Glass is set to revolutionize the way we view and consume information. The easy-to-use display can present key messages we need right in front of our eyes. With OPPO Air Glass, the world will never look the same again.”

Thin and lightweight design

The OPPO Air Glass is based on a revolutionary monocle waveguide concept. Air Glass is based on OPPO’s distinctive design philosophy, with free-flowing curves that give it a light and minimalist appearance. With a total weight of under 30g, OPPO Air Glass is one of the lightest monocle waveguide devices on the market, and it can be worn like a regular pair of glasses.

Oppo Introduces Air Glass
OPPO Air Glass is built around a groundbreaking monocle waveguide design and will be available in two colors Black or White.

The primary body is inspired by feathers, being light, sleek, and curved, with a touchbar that looks like an attractive feather shaft. The monocular waveguide lens, on the other hand, is inspired by the cicada’s wings, breaking free from the limits of traditional spherical or rounded rectangular lenses on glasses. All of the components, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform, are housed in a light and compact chassis.

The frame of the OPPO Air Glass is made using CNC technology, giving the design a touch of refinement and precision. Even when you are not using it, the OPPO Air Glass’s unique and eye-catching design makes it a fashionable tech item to wear on a daily basis.

OPPO Air Glass delivers bright and sharp content when worn indoors or outdoors, ensuring a superior aR experience at all times, thanks to the integration of OPPO’s own Micro Projector, sophisticated Micro LED, and custom waveguide technology.

The OPPO Air Glass display system is powered by OPPO’s self-developed Spark Micro Projector, which is one of the industry’s smallest projection systems, measuring just 0.5cc (about the size of a coffee bean). To improve heat dissipation and stability, the projector has a CNC aluminum shell with a glass lens module. A cutting-edge Micro LED with a brightness of up to 3 million nits powers the projector.

img 03
OPPO Air Glass

The OPPO Air Glass features a custom optical diffraction waveguide that supports two display modes – 16-level grayscale and 256-level grayscale – and can produce up to 1400 nits of average brightness, ensuring a vibrant and sharp visual display in a variety of lighting settings. Additionally, the waveguide is encased in two layers of sapphire glass on both sides, providing protection as well as greater transparency.

OPPO Air Glass is made to be as accessible to a wide range of consumers, including those with refractive defects like myopia and hypermetropia. The glasses come in two styles of frames: a silver half-frame and a black full-frame, which can better suit users who need corrective lenses. Both colors and sizes are available.

The Smart Glass App on the OPPO Watch 2 and any OPPO smartphone running ColorOS 11 or higher can control the OPPO Air Glass. Touch, speech, hand motions, and head movements are among the four intuitive modalities of interaction supported.

When Air Glass is used in conjunction with an OPPO Watch 2, users may additionally confirm, cancel, and switch application cards using hand movements. Furthermore, Air Glass can recognize head movements for a whole new level of engagement; for example, lightly nodding or shaking the head can open and close notifications, respectively.

img 04
OPPO Air Glass is capable of weather notification.

OPPO Air Glass is installed with a variety of applications, including those developed by OPPO. These include Weather, Calendar, Health, Teleprompter, Translation, and Navigation.

The translation function is a great help for cross-cultural communication. Once paired, voice input from one user will be automatically translated into target language texts, and then immediately displayed on the other user’s Air Glass. Air Glass now supports Mandarin Chinese-English two-way translation, and Mandarin Chinese-Japanese and Mandarin Chinese-Korean will be offered soon in future.

Another innovative application of Air Glass is the Teleprompter, which allows an adaptive text display to make your presentation at work or in public a breeze.

img 05
OPPO Air Glass Teleprompter allows for an adaptive text display to make your presentation at work or in public a breeze.

OPPO has also worked closely with Baidu to customize programs for OPPO Air Glass, such as Baidu Walk & Bike Navigation and Explore Nearby. Users can receive directions for walking or biking using the Navigation, and Explore Nearby can display information about nearby stores and other attractions based on a user’s position and orientation.

OPPO Air Glass is due to launch in Q1 2022 in the Chinese Mainland market. The device will be available in two colors Black or White, along with two custom frame accessories.

img 06
OPPO Air Glass supports customized Baidu Walk & Bike Navigation and Explore Nearby applications.

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