‘Parso,’ Wearable Speaker That Only You Can Hear.

Lanyard-style speaker lets only you enjoy music/conversations with open ears while biking, hiking, etc.

LAS VEGAS – At CES® 2023 (Jan. 5-8), Tokyo-based tech startup AFUR will showcase
“Parso,” a highly directional speaker to be worn around one’s neck. Parso, which uses ultrasonic
elements to direct sound, is battery-operable and substantially smaller than conventional
unidirectional speakers, thanks to AFUR’s proprietary circuit and structural designs that reduce power
consumption while allowing transducers to be densely stacked. Because the lanyard-style speaker
enables wearers to hear with open ears, it is suitable for outdoor/physical activities, such as cycling and
camping, as well as for online meetings.

‘Parso,’ Wearable Speaker That Only You Can Hear

“Most unidirectional speakers are bulky and need to be stationary, plugged into an outlet, because of the circuit size and energy required to produce and pump out ultrasonic waves to achieve desired performance. AFUR’s technology solves all these issues, making Parso a truly portable and ‘wearable’ device,” AFUR CEO Akihiro Furuhira said. “Parso makes directional speakers conducive to everyday
portable use, possibly changing the way we conduct meetings and enjoy outdoor activities. We are very
excited to introduce our innovative technology at CES 2023.”

Parso is divided into two parts at the top, with each side angling out and downward from the middle,
enabling two stereo channels to beam the sound effectively toward the wearer’s ears.


Parso achieves true portability without sacrificing its performance as a unidirectional speaker. Making
this possible are the following features:

  • Highly dense transducer array capable of producing desired volume without increasing the
  • array’s size
  • Proprietary circuit design that reduces the speaker’s power consumption by 60%
  • Use of a digital-analog integrated controller to reduce the circuit size
  • Standard bottom ¼-inch tripod screw mount for easy securing of the speaker on a tripod or other types of structures
  • Strap hook on both sides for use of lanyard
  • Sturdy frame that protects the speaker in outdoor environments
‘Parso,’ Wearable Speaker That Only You Can Hear

AFUR is a Tokyo-based electronics manufacturer providing one-stop solutions for IoT and wearable
devices and circuit designing (display signals, high-speed signal processing of Type-C standard, etc.),
among other products.

Presented by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), the “Japan (J-Startup) Pavilion @Eureka
Park” brings together the country’s innovative startups with proprietary leading-edge technologies. At
CES 2023, the pavilion will feature 36 companies in industries ranging from AI to robotics, space to
mobility, among others.

CES® is one of the world’s largest technology trade shows held annually in Las Vegas. Bringing together
2,279 exhibitors and 84,500 attendees between Las Vegas and online venues at CES 2022, the event is
billed as the “the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.” At CES 2020
held prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 4,600 companies showcased 20,000 products and services.

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