Powermat Wireless Charging

Powermat Unveils 300W Wireless Charging Platform for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Commercial Robots

With Minimal Human Interference, Wireless Power Solutions Improves the Reliability and Productivity of Commercial Autonomous Robotics Operations.

TEL-AVIV, Israel – Powermat Technologies, the global leader in advanced wireless power solutions, last week (Jan 18, 2022) announced the unveiling of their full-featured wireless charging solution designed to charge and optimize charging efficiency for fleets of various types of service robots, including photo voltaic-powered robots, used for commercial cleaning, delivery, warehouse operations, medical operations, and more.

One of the most difficult aspects of deploying autonomous service robots today is that charging them necessitates a direct connection with a charging station, either via pins or conductive charging. Despite most AMR’s superior autonomous capabilities, self-charging robots still have problems docking properly, causing them to not charge as planned. This reduces operating efficiency and can lead to significant costs for human intervention and maintenance.

Powermat’s innovative wireless charging platform for AMRs and other commercial robots eliminates the requirement for direct contact with pogo-pins entirely, resulting in 90 percent charging efficiency and various charging options for operators. Without the necessity for precise alignment or direct contact, robots can charge in close proximity to their charging station.

Powermat’s turnkey reference design for SmartInductive based wireless charging and battery management optimized for robots is designed for more than just power. It also includes connection features that combine power and in-band data transfer. This allows for seamless connection between each robot in the fleet and docking stations, which is necessary for identification and authentication, software upgrades, and other functions. The commercial robotics system from Powermat includes a software-based interface that enables analytics, fleet management, and other AI-powered data capabilities.

“For organizations to get the most return on their investment in autonomous solutions, service robots should always be able to complete their task autonomously and recharge quickly without human intervention. That’s where Powermat comes in,” said Elad Dubzinski, CEO at Powermat. “By enabling flexible and efficient wireless charging for commercial robotics, Powermat’s platform essentially offers the last missing piece of the puzzle to enable full robot autonomy. This innovation will help accelerate the global adoption of robots and AMRs, which provide efficiency, safety and cost-saving benefits across industries.”

Powermat’s commercial robotics wireless charging technology allows for power transfer at a distance of up to 150mm between receiver and transmitter (Z) and is simple to connect with both existing robots and future products under development. Powermat’s platform for commercial robots uses a hybrid approach to wireless power to bridge the gap between magnetic induction and resonance, allowing for larger power levels over longer distances, more spatial freedom, and data transfer across the wireless power link.

Powermat is transforming how industries keep devices powered to unlock the full potential of a more connected, mobile, and autonomous world. The company’s wireless power platforms and IP licensing program enable global businesses to incorporate advanced wireless power technology into their products and customize solutions for unique use cases. Global market leaders including Foxconn Interconnect Technologies, Samsung, General Motors, Flex, Harman International, Pivotal Commware, and Kyocera have adopted Powermat Technologies, and its solutions can be found in over 800 million smartphones, 40 million embedded accessories, and 8 million cars worldwide. For more information, visit www.powermat.com.

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