Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021 - Image Credit Samsung
Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021 – Image Credit Samsung

Samsung’s future car concept Digital Cockpit 2021. Samsung today revealed more details about its future car concept the Digital Cockpit 2021 which was first introduced at CES 2018.

The digital cockpit concept is based on the latest advancements in telecommunications, semiconductors, and display technologies with Harman’s automotive expertise.

Samsung says the digital cockpit was designed to simplifying communication and fun on-the-go experience. It has a wide 49-inch OLED display with a sound system that makes the content feel immersive.

It would allow the users to enjoy a customized experience while also enabling them to communicate with the world around them.

The displays are customized for various use cases which transforms the vehicle into a convenient all-purpose space. It achieves this by utilizing 5G technology to enable these features to work seamlessly.

Exynos auto V9
Samsung Exynos Auto V9

Samsung’s future car concept Digital Cockpit 2021 vehicle is powered by the Samsung Exynos V9 auto processor. Developed by Samsung it is a 64-bit octa-core ARM SoC for automotive infotainment applications. This 8 nm processor has eight Cortex A-76 cores operating up to 2.1 GHz.

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Mobile Office: 

The car concept enables users to maximize their productivity on the move. It comes with different types of mobile working features such as video conferencing. Samsung says the Digital Cockpit’s interior proves that it is possible to work comfortably from your car with hardware that supports seamless mobile productivity.

Digital Cockpit Media Mode
Digital Cockpit Media Mode


The car comes equipped with an expanded version of Samsung Health service that part of Samsung’s latest smartphones and TVs. The service also known as Automotive Samsung Health can analyze a person’s health before boarding, monitor passenger’s stress levels can also adjust the vehicle’s lighting, scent, and music to make the person relax. It will also analyze the users sleeping patterns and movement of their eyelids to make sure that drivers remain awake and alert when on the road.

The Digital Cockpit has a Control Display on the rear center armrest which is a touch control pad that allows passengers to change various settings for the environment with intuitive gestures. The touch controls automatically disappear when not in use to enhance the interior’s modern look.

It car comes with a 360 Vision Monitoring System. The system recognizes vehicles and pedestrians near the car in real-time with four cameras and deep learning technology.

The concept also has a way to communicate with the surroundings or external world using audiovisuals. The vehicle’s front outside screen can display messages for pedestrians to help ensure safety.

Samsung Digital Cockpit 360 Vision Monitoring-System
360 Vision Monitoring-System


The vehicle’s directional speakers are softer than traditional horns and enable to gather the attention of other drivers and pedestrians e.g crosswalks.


The vehicle transforms into a mobile entertainment hub similar to a living room. The vehicle’s front OLED display adjusts to a more prominent position when the car is stopped or parked to take advantage of the 49-inch screen. The screen can be utilized for real-time gaming, live broadcasts, and online concerts which makes you feel you are there.

While in motion or driving the front screen’s top half is visible to the driver to avoid obstructing the driver’s view of the road.

The 8.8 inch LCD screen at the center of the steering wheel enables the driver to navigate the menu, adjust volume, and other car functions.

Speakers are installed on the headrest of each seat that will allow users to enjoy HARMAN sound systems premium audio. The vehicle’s out of the cabin screen will let users enjoy content when engaging in outdoor activities. The Digital Cockpit also has a studio mode to help creators create videos when they are on the move. They can use the inbuilt cameras to record video inside the car, edit and upload utilizing the 13.2-inch Center Information Display located in the center of the front seat.

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