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BOCA RATON, Fla –  SKYBOX, founded by Media Entertainment & Sports (MES) entrepreneur/investor and Alliance Sports Management Principal, Mike Roberts, is launching SKYBOX for aspiring Prospects and Professional Athletes to be able to create and sell NFTs against their name image likeness (NIL) contracts, sponsorship endorsement and marketing contracts, player contracts, and other future income streams. PKXchange, powered by PointsKash, will provide the infrastructure for minting, issuing coins, tracking royalties, and purchasing and selling NFTs for SKYBOX and its Players.

PointsKash announces today a collaboration to create exclusive digital NFT (non-fungible tokens) experiences for professional athlete fans, unlike anything the market has seen before. The deal aims to drive fan engagement by letting fans collect digital moments of the best prospects and players during the season using PointsKash and Algorand blockchain technology.

“We are thrilled to partner with Skybox in its launch of the most exciting opportunity offered to professional athletes in sports history” said Steve Janjic, CEO of PointsKash. “We believe Algorand blockchain technology has great potential to enhance the Sports fans and Player experience in the future and we are excited to have Skybox as one of our first collaborators in exploring this emerging space.”

This all-new-digital experience will give professional athlete fans the unique opportunity to collect and own NFT’s featuring some of the greatest and most talked about in-game moments from leading players week-to-week throughout the season, including current-day superstars and legends of the game. Additionally, fans will get the chance to collect and own NFTs of some of the greatest players in sports history.

“We can’t wait to give the more than 300 million fans the opportunity to own the game that matters to them and engage with the sport in a whole new way”

said Steve Janjic, CEO of PointsKas

Top Players and Picks

When the experience launches, fans will find themselves immersed in a world that celebrates their love for the game while experiencing the world of Digital Assets. Fans will be empowered to purchase and open NFT galleries featuring their favorite prospects and players, show off their newfound digital NFT collections, and trade with other fans. They will also have the ability to buy, showcase, sell, or trade any of their moments in a dedicated marketplace on PKXchange.

“The irreplaceable nature of the NFT captures what is special about athletes and their success. They are immensely excited for SKYBOX to launch — to make this significant push into the digital asset marketplace,” said Mike Roberts, President/Founder of SKYBOX. “The unique greatness of professional players will continue to fuel memorable moments both in history and in real-time during the season, which will only deepen the connections they have with their passionate fans.”

PointsKash is a disruptor in fin-tech and offers a unique payment and spending experience by providing consumers ‘freedom to pay your way’ when converting rewards points into Cash and digital assets. PointsKash is a simple to use mobile application; built on the high-performance, low cost, and fully decentralized Algorand blockchain.

SOURCE PointsKash

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