Supermarq Releases SupermarQ – A New Suite of Benchmarks for Quantum Computers

CHICAGO, IL – February 24, 2022 – SupermarQ, an application-centric benchmarking suite for quantum computers, was released by SupermarQ wants to differentiate itself from existing quantum benchmarking methodologies. Benchmarking is a keystone of the computing industry, and it is especially vital for quantum computing at this stage of development.

“We hope to drive a new way of thinking about quantum evaluation, one that’s based on capabilities, as quantum begins to be integrated into real-world workflows.”

Fred Chong, the Seymour Goodman Professor of Computer Science at UChicago and’s co-founder and Chief Scientist

SupermarQ is a set of benchmarks that assesses a machine’s performance across a variety of tasks. These applications are modeled after real-world challenges in fields like banking, chemistry, energy, and encryption.

“Effective benchmarks can accelerate progress across the entire quantum ecosystem by stimulating investment in the right areas”

said Matt Langione, a partner and leader of the Deep Tech practice at BCG who specializes in quantum computing.

Furthermore, as indicated by DARPA’s recent solicitation of a Quantum Benchmarking initiative in mid-2021, assessing progress toward functional quantum computers is a matter of national security.

Many current benchmarks measure single operations or attempt to combine many aspects of performance into a single number. These approaches result in metrics that can end up comparing apples to oranges or lack a clear connection to commercial viability.

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SupermarQ is unique in that it is driven by real-world use cases, such as determining how well a device can perform optimization, simulation, or error correction. Different configurations are required for problem-solving using quantum computers depending on the problem, making certain machines better at specific tasks than others. SupermarQ emphasizes the diversity of quantum computing architectures available today in this way.

“We believe SupermarQ can become the go-to resource for quantum customers when deciding which device to use,” said Pranav Gokhale,’s co-founder and CEO. “Our approach illustrates the importance of matching the device architecture to the use-case.”

Langione lends support to the approach, stating “Application benchmarks are among the best tools to help companies determine which devices best meet their quantum computing needs.” Read more about the quantum benchmarking landscape in BCG’s latest white paper, on this page.

SupermarQ’s scalability and consistency are also important features. When quantum supremacy is achieved, traditional approaches will become outdated. SupermarQ employs unique mathematical designs that can be verified even after quantum supremacy when quantum computers outperform regular ones.

This benchmarking project is based on an academic paper written by personnel and members of EPiQC, a $10 million National Science Foundation Expedition in Computing. The IEEE HPCA 2022 conference will feature SupermarQ: A Scalable Quantum Benchmark Suite. encourages readers to check out their web portal, where you can toggle between SupermarQ benchmark results and download materials for further exploration. For those interested in computing their own benchmarks, the SupermarQ codebase is open-sourced and can be run by anyone.

Source: thequantuminsider

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