This self-charging smartwatch is powered by body movement. Swiss startup Sequent has launched the world’s first self-charging smart automatic watch with 24/7 always-on display and activity tracking. Its new Elektron smart self-charging watch collection, which has the lightest and strongest metal cases Sequent has ever created. Solar-powered indices that illuminate in the dark have been added to the watch faces, giving the watch great readability and a futuristic vibe.

Sequent is a Basel-based start-up with offices in Taipei (TW), London (UK), and Prague (CZ). The business has developed the world’s first smart self-charging watch, which uses an autonomous self-winding movement to convert gravity into electrical energy. Sequent thus combines traditional watchmaking with cutting-edge smart technologies to offer watch enthusiasts the “Swiss way” of creating a wristwatch.

Sequent self charging Smartwatch

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All watches include the latest self-charging SuperCharger 2.2 movement technology, which converts body movement into electrical power and provides the watch with a nearly endless power reserve. The watch includes the most up-to-date activity monitoring technology, as well as heart rate sensors and the ability to record your athletic activities.

The SuperCharger® captures the power of your body motions transforming it into energy to power your smartwatch. The turning rotor is made of premium grade tungsten, that uses the basic principle of gravity to create power. Similar to a Swiss automatic watch.

Researchers have been trying to figure out how to get avoid often charging in smartwatches. There are watches powered by body heat, some are powered by solar power.

Powerwatch from Matrix uses body heat to charge itself. It’s the world’s first smartwatch to be powered like this, and it NEVER requires charging. You can always be on the move and never have to worry about charging up. MATRIX-driven thermoelectric devices capture temperature differences and generate their own useful thermal energy, removing the need for battery charge and replacement.

Sequent self charging Smartwatch

Garmin added solar power to its Fenix and Instinct watches, but it would still need charging.

The self-charging smartwatch is first of its kind and has:

  • only 8 parts, no gears and no screws,
  • therefore, sets a new standard in the watch industry because it needs no
    mechanical maintenance,
  • it’s the first automatic movement that transforms kinetic energy into
    electrical power, to supply the watch with virtually infinite power reserve,
  • boasts a standby time of more than 2 years,
  • is ultra-precise of ±0.3 seconds a day
  • Oxygen app to store all your activities
    has an opening in the center, to place the newest heart rate sensor while maintaining
    the beauty of the open case back.

“Elektron is the pinnacle of Sequent watch innovations. It shows us that sustainability doesn’t need
to be a step back in terms of design. Quite the opposite, it pushes us to new directions.” said its confounder and CEO.

Sequent is certified by to offset its carbon footprint for the manufacturing of its
products. Sequent takes it even further to offset the carbon footprint 10 times more than required.
Sequent uses upcycled materials from ocean waste and sugar cane production and is continuously
searching for new ways to make the product greener.

Features Specifications of self-charging smartwatch
• Unique Self-charging mechanism
• Activity tracking
• Distance monitoring
• Heart rate monitor
• Sports tracking with connected e-GPS (requires phone)
• Compatible iOS and Android
• Titanium grade 2 case
• Option with black DLC coating
• Sapphire glass
• Open case back
• Black matt dial with applied SuperLuminova® indexes
• Black matt hands filled with SuperLuminova®
• Unique activity tracking
• Available in Eco #Tide ocean material, rubber, or leather
• Diameter: 42.10 mm
• Height: 14.20 mm
• Lug to lug: 45.50 mm
• Strap width: 22.00 mm
• Case weight: 55 gr
• Strap weight: 22 gr
• Water resistance: 50 meters

Sequent self charging Smartwatch

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