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Airvida E1 – Wearable Air Purifier x Noise-Cancelling Earphones.

The ible Airvida range of certified wearable ionic air purifiers uses ible’s proprietary Breathing Pathway Eco Ion Technology to purify the surrounding air and is known for its capacity to remove coronavirus, PM2.5, pollen, allergens, and bacteria. ible Tech. will debut a completely new air purifier, the Airvida E1 — the world’s first air purifier with built-in earbuds – at CES 2022, based on its previous experience. Users may filter the surrounding air while listening to music through the noise-canceling earbuds with this revolutionary new air purifier innovation.

Airvida E1 won the 2021 Good Design Award (Japan) as a result of this creative idea, and ible was chosen to participate in CES 2022 as one of the Taiwan Startup teams guided by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA, under the Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C.). Airvida E1 would undoubtedly satisfy more clients who have different requirements than other Airvida series as a wonderful complement to the present Airvida family.

People are becoming increasingly concerned about air-related issues as a result of the pandemic’s impact. Every 0.6 seconds, the Airvida E1 may produce up to 6 million negative ions/cm3 around the user’s face. Airvida E1 will release negative ions that will disrupt and break the carbon-hydrogen bond of coronaviruses, rendering them inactive immediately, thanks to ible’s unique Breathing Pathway Eco Ion Technology. Furthermore, negative ions can connect to airborne particles, transforming them into larger, heavier chunks that fall to the ground. It can significantly suppress inhalable airborne coronavirus, PM2.5, pollen, allergens, and microorganisms by this technique.

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Airvida E1 is only 42 grams in weight and is extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. When both the air purifying and earphone functions are turned on, the battery life can last for more than 8 hours. It will climb to more than 30 hours if you do not listen to music.
The Airvida E1 APP can deliver real-time PM2.5 and pollen data based on the user’s location. It can also remind users to activate the air purification feature or modify the negative ion levels (2 million, 4 million, or 6 million negative ions) as needed. The Airvida E1 is ideal for commuters, and it can also be mounted on a pedestal to be used as a desktop air purifier at work.

Airvida E1 is the only wearable air purifier to win the 2021 Good Design Award, thanks to the judges’ recognition of this fresh innovative concept (Japan). The assessors of this award have nothing but praise for Airvida E1 and desire for it to become the market leader in epidemic avoidance.
Since 2016, the Airvida family has sold over 300,000 units in over ten countries. According to Rakuten user reviews, Airvida not only received a 4.5 out of 5 rating but also helped 97 percent of hay fever sufferers feel better.

Taiwanese designers and manufacturers created Airvida. It complies with all of the highest material (RoHS), performance, and efficiency optimization standards (SGS, Kisato Research Center for Environmental Science (Japan) & FIA (Japan) reports), as well as safety laws (CE & FCC). Airvida’s strong purifying ability has earned it the Innovation Awards at CES 2020, first prize in the Epidemic Prevention Category in 2019, first prize in the Epidemic Prevention Category in 2020, 2021 SNQ (Symbol of National Quality, Taiwan), and 2021 Taiwan Excellence Awards. Airvida was recommended by TTA to StartupBlink (UNAIDS, under the United Nations) and will soon be acknowledged on their Coronavirus Innovation Map due to its remarkable virus eradication capability. Sincerely, ible and TTA believe that this breakthrough technology may assist more people in combating the devastating COVID-19 outbreak.

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