Samsung Blade Bezel
Samsung Bezel Less Laptop OLED

Bezel-less OLED laptops with an under-display camera from Samsung. Samsung’s new bezel-less OLED laptops come with an under-screen camera.

Samsung Blade Bezel Oled laptops will have an invisible camera under the screen. The design with an invisible camera hole has an under panel camera. The screen to body ratio for the OLED laptop is around 93% compared to the conventional 85%. This makes the laptop screen almost bezel-less like most recent smartphones. Samsung also said that these laptops would be the thinnest and lightest than conventional laptops. Conventional non-OLED slim laptops have approximately 2.1 mm screen thickness whereas Samsung Blade Bezel OLED laptops will have 1 mm screen thickness and would weigh 30% lighter than other conventional non-OLED laptops.

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Samsung Under Screen Camera
Samsung Under Display Camera

In a Youtube video, Samsung Displays part of Samsung electronics showcased the future of OLED displays.

Samsung had announced display technologies Neo QLED & Micro LED displays during CES 2021. Neo QLED which comes with Samsung’s Quantum Matrix technology precisely controls the Quantum Mini LED to present different color shades with accuracy. The Neo Quantum processors with Deep learning algorithms optimize the viewing experience. With Neo QLED 8K, an AI-powered 8K picture is completed by 16 multi-model neural networks. These Neo TVs also come with Quantum HDR and Object Tracking Sound. Realistic 3D dynamic sound pinpoints movement from all corners of the screen with dedicated up-firing and side-firing speakers.


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The Micro LED Displays used in Samsung’s Wall TVs were also announced during this year’s CES. Samsung did not give many details about their bezel-less laptops during the press conference but the following Youtube video from Samsung does show the features of the new Blade Bezel laptop.

Along with Bezel-less OLED laptops with an under-display camera from Samsung they are also working on future portable OLED displays about 13.3 inches to 15.6 inches utilizing the AP and GPU of smartphones. These displays as per Samsung can be configured into a foldable design like the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone.

Some of the portable OLED’s can also be multifold, i.e. can be folded more than 1 times to make them portable. Also, other display technologies like rollable or expandable displays and laptop displays were some of the display technologies Samsung is working on for the OLED future.

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