City Transformer is a car featuring a creative folding mechanism.

City Transformer is a car featuring a creative folding mechanism. Every city dweller looking for a parking spot probably dreams of a city runabout that slims down as needed and fits into any space. At the IAA MOBILITY, the Israeli start-up City Transformer will present their solution: an automobile with an ingenious folding mechanism. The City Transformer can shrink from the size of a standard car to the width of a motorcycle as a result of this. It also runs entirely on electricity, is highly networked, and is hence ideal for fleet use. The entry-level model is projected to cost roughly $13,000 (approximately 11,000 euros) and can be pre-ordered now for $180. (approx. 152 euros).

The world’s first ultra-compact electric car for smart cities was developed by an Israeli technological business. The City Transformer is unique in that its platform can change width while traveling to minimize traffic and parking problems, in addition to its high-grade, safe, and air-conditioned cabin. These qualities set the City Transformer apart from the competition by bridging the gap between two-wheeled vehicles and ordinary cars without the drawbacks.

City Transformer has the potential to totally revolutionize urban individual mobility around the world, enabling novel smart mobility concepts for a wide range of B2C, B2B, and B2G solutions thanks to its low CO2 footprint.

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For many of the 4.2 billion people who live in cities, traffic jams and the resulting parking problems are a daily issue. Apart from the far-reaching consequences for people’s health, safety, and general well-being, city dwellers face the difficulty that there is now no viable alternative to the car as a mode of urban transportation.

  • Cars take up more than half of the area in European cities. Drivers in New York and Paris spend an average of 230 hours a year looking for parking, while drivers in London spend up to 270 hours per year.
  • Congestion in urban areas costs the European Union around 100 billion euros each year, which is comparable to 1% of GDP.
  • Within the EU, urban mobility is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions and 70% of other pollutants.
  • In urban locations, conventional cars are inefficient: available seats are rarely used, available speeds are not required (the city’s average speed is 17 km/h), and each car is driven for just 5% of its lifetime.
  • Despite the fact that micromobility solutions are becoming more common, they are not a viable solution because of their major drawbacks: they do not replace car trips, one is 18 times more likely to be involved in fatal accidents, and one is constantly exposed to extreme weather, noise, and pollution.

City Transformer was created in 2014 by a highly skilled management team with the goal of creating an electric vehicle (EV) with the ability to change width while driving. Prof. Johann H. Tomforde, who had the initial idea for the Mercedes-Benz SMART as an urban e-vehicle in 1969, is one of the company’s many foreign investors and world-famous innovators. He’s now one of the mentors and networkers helping City Transformer get off the ground and into the market.

City Transformer is a car featuring a creative folding mechanism.

Features of the car:

  • Patented, foldable urban e-vehicle platform that can change its width
    from 1.4 meter to 1 meter while driving.
  • Low CO2 footprint during manufacture, assembly and the entire life cycle:
  • The vehicle consists of only 1,500 parts (in contrast to classic cars with up to 25,000 parts)
  • 100 % electric. Both wheels on the rear axle are individually driven by two electric motors.
  • 90 km/h top speed when unfolded and 40 km/h when folded.
  • 180 km range and fast charging to 80% within 30 minutes.
  • Light weight: only 450 kg without the batteries. 
City Transformer is a car featuring a creative folding mechanism.
City Transformer is a car featuring a creative folding mechanism.


  • Ideal for short, urban trips for one to two people
    • (Seat configuration for one adult and two children will be available soon).
  • Safest vehicle in L7e category, one or more airbags offered.
  • Fully equipped cabin with wing doors, air conditioning, heating, ABS and ESP.
  • Patented folding mechanism, which can reduce the vehicle width from
    1.4 meter to 1 meter while driving.
  • A 10 times greater chance of finding a parking spot in high streets.
  • Four CT vehicles can fit in the space of one EU standard parking space.
  • Two to three times more environmentally friendly than any other e-vehicle.
  • Minimal operating and maintenance costs compared to vehicles with combustion engines.


  • Reduces overall cost of corporate fleets by dramatically lowering TCO and maintenance.
  • 75 % saving in the required parking spaces needed for vehicle fleets or sharing models.
  • Modularity of the platform allows easy customization to specific business needs.
  • A dedicated CT logistics version will be available, which is ideal for the last mile.
  • Economically exciting opportunities for new business models and connected services.
  • CT supports all efforts for holistic corporate responsibility (CSR).


The City Transformer is designed to offer city dwellers a viable alternative to “real” cars,
which results in reduced traffic and increases inner-city safety and quality of life.

  • City mobility can be changed today, without any changes to existing infrastructure
    or expensive investments.
  • Shared fleets offer a safer and more convenient alternative to current options.
  • Additional synergy with already established multimodal urban mobility platforms.
  • By saving parking spaces, cities can utilise this newly regained space. 
  • More equitable access to individual mobility for all people in urban areas.
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