How DRM Software Can Secure Digital Publishing?


Digital Right Management

In this digital age, your business may be publishing anything digitally in different forms, including images, print, music, and videos. The digital publishing form you use will even vary based on the industry to which your company belongs. So, there are a lot of documents, files, books, eBooks, and so on that may fall under the digital publishing umbrella for your organization. Right from graphic illustrations, training courses, service manuals, investment or analyst reports, eBooks up to client contracts.

Most of this data is highly confidential for your business and only a select few should have access privileges for the same. In other words, you need to prevent such information from falling into the wrong hands by ensuring appropriate copy protection. This is where Digital Rights Management (DRM) comes into the picture.

An appropriate DRM tool will give you control over your information and ensure that not all of it is made available for public distribution. In fact, DRM software gives you the ability to decide who gets access to your digitally published work and even track how they use it.

In case of copyrighted work, you may still need to give access rights to the authorized users and ensure the usage is as per the privileges assigned to them. But, there should not be multiple copies of the same document, eBook or report which could possibly lead to unauthorized access and misuse. Hence, copy protection is required and so is DRM protection.

Your company can create copy protected information for secure digital publishing by using the most appropriate DRM solution. The idea is to ensure that there is no leakage or theft, followed by subsequent misuse of the information published digitally by your business. Regardless of whether it is online documents or files, eBooks or web content, the DRM software will copy protect all of it for you.

DRM Tool:

To be precise, the DRM tool will be able to give you details regarding who views your digital content and for how long (expiry). It also lets you know what the end users do with your content, including printing and copying it. You can also disable printing and screen grabbing or provide restricted printing capabilities by limiting the number of print copies. And, if there are occurrences of unauthorized access or use of your company’s critical data, the DRM software even equips you with the ability to immediately the revoke the data.

All in all, your digital publishing works can be kept secure, owing to the control you get with DRM.

We hope that the above information about the ways in which a DRM software secures digital publishing proves valuable for your business.

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