eFoil surfboard that flies over the water. It hovers over the water surface and moves at 25 mph. eFoil is an electric surfboard that flies on hydrofoils. The eFoil motor is noiseless and relies on battery power. The battery can be charged with renewable energy. This is a great recreational activity that allows you to interact with the marine environment in a very exciting way.

How Efoil works?

EFoil is a blend of all the sports we love- Surfing, Kite foiling, flying, and deep skiing. The powerful electric motor is mounted on the propeller blades under the high-performance surfboard. The combination of aluminum foil and wings allows riders of all skills to fly over the pond.

There are many efoil making companies but we will be talking about two leading companies – Fliteboard and LiftFoils. So let’s start.

Lift Foils

Lift Foil is a trusted brand that can provide a variety of electronic hydrofoil boats. Compared with traditional products, these products bring a new feeling and faster speed to surfers. One of the most impressive features of negatives is their versatility. You can use their products almost anywhere.

Generally, the lifting foil uses proprietary materials to make lighter and stronger electric hydrofoils. This excellent technology can also minimize the density so that the core has greater rigidity. Because Lift foils are one of the most trusted brands in the hydrofoil market. You can be sure that their products are suitable for beginners and advanced users.

As an efficient hydrofoil craft, the manufacturer has ensured that Lift eFoil is suitable for all capabilities and water conditions. This product is a well-made board with a large chest area. This allows the rider to improve rowing performance and epic throws. According to Lift Foils, this eFoil is strong, thick, high-density, and durable, so it has excellent buoyancy and stability.

You can quickly see the huge difference in appearance, quality, weight, and feel between eFoil and its competitors. When buying this product, you can be assured that the perfect combination of power and performance will improve your perception of obstacles. Its perfect recipe for success allows you to take bigger turns and stop paddling effortlessly.

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Efoil Board Parts
efoil surfboard that flies over water


  • Weight- 29 pounds
  • Weight Capacity- 125 kg
  • Dimensions- 4 feet 4 inches (professional version) / 5 feet (sports) / 5 feet (E1) / 5 feet 6 inches (Cruiser) / 6 feet 2 inches (Explorer)
  • Driving distance- 40 to 60 minutes
  • Battery- 2 kW Li-ion battery
  • Charging time- 2 hours or less
  • Manual control- Waterproof, Bluetooth
  • Maximum speed- 25 km/h
  • Brushless motor- 5000 W
  • Brushless submersible motor Wing design- Classic integrated Design and surf a two-piece fender made of carbon fiber.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery, Rugged and waterproof instrument panel, Replaceable and rechargeable batteries.
  • The custom propeller, Hydraulic motor, Wireless handheld controller (Bluetooth, waterproof, automatic shutdown), High-quality carbon-fiber structure.

Design and Construction

Lift eFoil has an impressive design and is a true innovation leader. The most attractive is the multifunctional design, which is suitable for all surfing and cycling situations. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced person, the structure of the carbon fiberboard is lightweight. It is durable enough to make you feel comfortable and stable in the water, and a one-hour lithium-ion battery can power the silent motor long enough for beginners to practice new skills. Make full use of the energy of water. If you are looking for a uniquely designed and durable electric seaplane, then feel free to use Lift eFoil.

Screenshot 90


Lift Foil takes the durability and reliability of this electric seaplane to a whole new level. According to the product description, this Lift eFoil uses a multi-layer carbon-fiber structure, which will not affect the performance of the rider. It is also pointed out that the product can withstand impacts and harsh abrasions to wear. And a strong influence that is common for beginners. If you want to rely on the same electric seaplane for years to come, then Lift eFoil is worth considering. The lifting foil ensures that the strength of this eFoil leaves enough space for the elderly. Men can stand up comfortably when walking on the water. The sturdy board can stand upright under the coordination and control of the rider. Fortunately, some professionals have confirmed that Lift eFoil is one of the strongest electronic hydrofoil boats on the market.

Comfort and Capacity

Lift Foils Company is an innovative brand that can provide cyclists with more comfort and safety. This electric surfboard can carry a weight of 125 kg at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. At this speed, you can enjoy speed in a calm ocean. Subjects like professionals. Besides, Lift eFoil has a portable Bluetooth controller that allows you to adjust the thickness of the palm midplane. According to the product description, the remote control can display the battery level, warning, and power settings of the board. Also, Lift eFoil has interchangeable fenders, so you can easily adjust the performance of the hydrofoil to meet your needs.

If you are a beginner to use Lift Efoil

You should get acquainted with the board first, and then kneel when you are more comfortable. Try to stand up, but don’t try without a guide or experienced person. You can make sure that everything you do is correct. Remember to be patient, because this sport will last longer.

Now let’s talk about Fliteboard efoil



In the days when there was no wind, David (CEO of Fliteboard) thought of an electric hydrofoil and researched 20 prototypes with his friends. His goal soon is to develop the first electric hydrofoil with a hull motor. Which was started as an interesting project and it has now developed into the complete beginning of the Fliteboard version.

David has established two successful companies and eventually hired hundreds of employees, but Fliteboard was the most difficult process. The focus of the first few months was on the development process, and hundreds of hours were spent in front of the computer to determine the exact requirements. The instrument panel, metal foil, gearbox, battery, and remote control are challenging hardware and software projects.

The Flite electric seaplane was delivered to some beta users at the end of 2018. And pre-orders have been started in April 2019.

Screenshot 76
Fliteboard Air

There are three variations of Fliteboard-

The Fliteboard Air– This model is the largest wooden board, measuring 198 cm in length and 76 cm in width. This is an inflatable board. It has a larger volume, so it is easier to stand, but compared to the carbon fiber model, it has more resistance on the water surface. Once you get used to sliding, you can switch to the standard model more easily. Air is the ideal choice for yacht owners and renters.

Fliteboard (standard) – The standard model is suitable for most riders. The efoil is 71 cm wide and 172 cm long. It has a carbon-fiber body and is available in black, white, and gray.

Fliteboard Pro- This is shorter, with a length of only 152 cm and a width of only 62 cm. It is designed for lighter riders to achieve higher speeds and more aggressive sculpting. It also has a carbon fiber body and is available in black, white, and gray.

All models use the same modular components as the masts, which are 60 cm and 75 cm in length. A shorter neck is easier for beginners, while a larger neck is better for turbulent water and fierce turns. Both sizes are available in aluminum or black.

Screenshot 69


There are also two types of batteries- there is a sports version, which is lighter, but less autonomous. There is also a cruiser version, which is about 350 Euros more expensive. For most cyclists, the largest ride is probably the best option because it takes an hour. You also have 2 fender options- cruiser wing and smaller wing, which increases the speed up to 40 km/h.

Flite features

One of the unique features of virtual equipment (launched in the spring of 2019) is that can be customized with the remote control. It has 20 gears to limit the maximum speed. This is useful for beginners because once they find the right speed; they can always pedal without worrying about maintaining a constant speed.

Remote control

The remote control’s screen is very bright, telling you speed, distance traveled, battery level, and warning if something goes wrong. It is of course waterproof and is fastened to the wrist with a small strap. When the Bluetooth connection is interrupted, your “virtual seat belt” will automatically stop.

If you fall into the water, this will happen immediately. The dashboard must also be assembled with the remote control. To do this, lean it against the sensor on the top of the dashboard and pull the trigger for 5 seconds. This is to protect you in case you accidentally pull the trigger before you are ready to drive. Accessories include 3 pockets, a Whiteboard bag, remote control bag, aluminum foil, mudguard, charger and tools, and battery box.

Screenshot 83

Fliteboards Controller

According to Trewern, Fliteboard electronics will be updated via Bluetooth through the Fliteboard app, which will be available soon, and other electric hydrofoil manufacturers (such as Lift Foils) will also be available, including GPS and data loggers, passengers can be used to upload and share rides. Second, they can view system statistics and send diagnostic information to Fliteboard.

Virtual Gears

The handheld controller uses Hall sensors to achieve precise throttle response and proprietary software functions such as “virtual gears.” The system provides constant power, so the driver can focus on balance instead of the throttle. The fan of the virtual gear is really helpful at the beginning, but after 1-2 hours, you usually switch to the top gear to flexibly deal with wind and waves in the water.


It also includes safety functions that are not on other cards, such as Automatic shutdown and electromagnetic arming. It’s like a virtual belt. This means that you must first ensure that the propeller is on the dashboard and ready for use before you can start the propeller. The security of system disabling is very important, no doubt.

However, after a while, advanced riders can put the boards together when they experience frustration. The process is as follows- You need to connect the remote control to the sensor on the top of the board, and then depress the accelerator pedal for 5 seconds to start the engine. Some people like this extra layer of security, while others may not.

The GPS-based onboard computer monitors the Flite Cell smart battery and provides real-time traffic data such as distance and remaining time. It also includes an efficiency optimization screen that passengers can use to minimize energy consumption.

Screenshot 66

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