Spin 3-Wheel e-scooter
Spin e scooter
Spin remote parking scooter

Spin’s 3-wheeled e-scooter that can park itself.

Spin a Ford-owned e-scooter company will introduce Spin S-200 remotely-operated e-scooters to cities of North America and Europe. Boise ID will get the first remotely operated e-scooter. Spin S-200 is a three-wheeled e-scooter Spin. Spin S-200 is co-developed by Spin with Segway-Ninebot. A 3-wheel design makes this scooter safer and more stable for riders less comfortable on a traditional 2-wheeled scooter. Spin S-200 also comes with new safety features, such as a robust suspension system, regenerative rear braking, front and rear drum brakes, and turn signals.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA) requires operators to respond to parking issues in under two hours and uniquely fines operators $100 for each incorrectly parked scooter. The City does this “to ensure that scooters are not cluttering the sidewalk and causing an impediment to older adults, people with disabilities and other pedestrians.”

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E-scooters are often incorrectly parked on sidewalks and pathways causing obstruction to pedestrians. Spin Valet platform makes it possible to remotely operate the fleet of scooters and re-park them out of the pathway of pedestrians sidewalk or street traffic within seconds. Spin announced its alliance with Tortoise to offer Spin S-200 remotely-operated e-scooters.



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Spin in a blog post said “we are excited to offer this new three-wheeled e-scooter, co-developed with Segway-Ninebot, to our first pilot city, Boise, Idaho. Nationally recognized as an emerging tech hub and conveniently connected by a robust network of bike lanes, Boise is the perfect city partner for our S-200 pilot. Beginning this spring, we’re excited to provide up to 300 scooters for the program and use our learnings to inform future programs with city partners around the world.”

How it Works

How the Spin’s 3-wheeled e-scooter can park itself. GPS technology in combination with Spin S-200’s front and rear cameras will allow to precisely locate each scooter. If needed, Tortoise’s team of remote operators can safely relocate the vehicle at a slow rate of speed (2–3 mph). This technology will allow them to keep sidewalks orderly in several key ways:

Spin remote parking 1
Spin Repositioning scooters

Repositioning improperly parked scooters:

Spin Valet remote operations will allow them to reposition incorrectly parked scooters in a matter of seconds. This includes scooters blocking sidewalks and pedestrian walkways, ADA accessways, residential or business entrances, or public transportation stops.

Repositioning nearby scooters

Spin Valet will allow them to quickly reposition scooters parked throughout a block into an orderly row — keeping our deployments neat and orderly.

Moving scooters from low demand to high demand areas

If a scooter is parked at a destination where it’s unlikely to get another trip, it could be repositioned to a location where there’s more demand. In a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers evaluating “self-repositioning scooters” used data from dockless bike-share systems to model the potential impact self-repositioning or remote-like capabilities could have on increasing utilization. They found that “the availability of self-repositioning capabilities can help achieve up to 10 times higher utilization of vehicles than possible in the current bike-share system.”

Increasing reliability with scooter hailing

Spin Valet will eventually allow a rider to “hail” e-scooter several blocks to a desired pick up location.

Charging battery-depleted scooters:

Spin Valet will eventually allow us to reposition scooters to a Spin Hub charging station automatically to recharge, all done remotely.

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