McLean & Company has announced the top HR trends to be aware of for 2022. The focus will be on moving from the quick fixes of 2021 to people-centric solutions that will help shape workplaces where everyone thrives. (CNW Group/Info-Tech Research Group)

McLean & Company Reveals the HR Trends for 2022.

The annual HR trends report for the future year has been released by McLean & Company, the trusted research and advice partner for HR and leadership professionals throughout the world. The 2022 HR Trends Report from McLean & Company examines the effects of workplace upheavals over the last two years and articulates how HR can help firms find their footing in the new world of work.

McLean & Company uses actionable research, tools, and guidance to deliver real answers to human resource difficulties. The organization’s annual HR Trends Report is in great demand, and executives and HR professionals use it to develop strategies and best practices that will have a clear and demonstrable impact in the future year.

Current events, market data, and exclusive survey findings from 826 business leaders and HR professionals were used to identify the trends for 2022. The survey data was collected in September 2021, with respondents from 13 industries, including manufacturing, professional services, financial services, healthcare, not-for-profit, and government.

The findings of McLean & Company, which are summarized in a 51-page report, show which HR practices will be the most important for businesses in 2022 and beyond. The report provides data and analysis from the previous year, important takeaways and related resources, and the trends that leaders should be aware of in the next year.

McLean & Company Reveals the HR Trends for 2022.
McLean & Company Reveals the HR Trends for 2022.

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Four HR trends have been identified for 2022

Recruitment & Retention: Two Sides of the Same Coin:

It is an employee’s market, and the landscape differs depending on whether your company is remote or on-site. Employee value propositions must develop in order for organizations to not only recruit talent but also retain existing teams. In 2022, HR will devote 25% more time to recruiting. Those who fail to focus on candidates and workers risk churn, vacancies, and missed chances the next year, all of which can hurt the bottom line.

Adapting to a New World of Work:

Changing work circumstances and longer working hours are prompting employers to place a greater emphasis on employees’ well-being. Organizations who prioritize this focus for 2022 should expect increased employee availability, improved retention, improved ability to attract applicants, and expanded talent pools, all of which are crucial in the age of the “Great Resignation.”

DEI: After the Tipping Point

While companies claim that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is still a priority, activities appear to be slanted toward fast solutions rather than long-term equity and inclusion programs. Organizations risk coming across as theatrical rather than meaningful as momentum fades.

Skills in an Age of Change

Remote work has uncovered significant gaps in managers’ skills. The rate and scale of changes to the world of work have rapidly altered what are considered essential skills. Competencies such as resilience, change management, and design thinking will be more important than ever over the coming year.

The four trends are explored and reported on in-depth in the full report.

“There has been a lot of talk this year about the competitive labor market and organizations’ struggles to retain talent.”, says William Howard, senior manager of HR research and advisory services at McLean and Company and one of the principal research leads for the 2022 HR Trends Report. “Our data bears this out, and the benefits for employees are clear. Organizations are increasing base and variable pay, offering more vacation time, and improving flexibility to attract and retain employees. But there’s a dark side to these benefits; employees are working longer hours, and well-being is suffering. In 2022, organizations need to focus on improving the employee experience not just to hire and keep employees in the short term, but to ensure they’re healthy and productive in the long term.”

Top research takeaways from the 2022 HR Trends Report:

  • Compared to the results from the previous year’s 2021 HR Trends Report, “Providing a great employee experience” has increased in priority from 2021 , indicating the emphasis organizations are placing on helping employees adjust after being forced to change the way work gets done.
  • For non-remote jobs, organizations that are not providing a great employee or candidate experience are 34% more likely to agree that retention has been negatively impacted, and 23% more likely to agree that attraction has been negatively impacted.
  • Remote work has revealed areas of managerial weakness. 90% of respondents reported a gap in manager capabilities at their organization, but fewer than half are offering management training for those managers.
  • Leadership buy-in for DEI is on the decline, with only 42% of respondents reporting their leadership is committed to championing DEI initiatives, despite that fact that organizations that are not focusing on creating an environment of DEI are experiencing 1.6x more voluntary turnover than those focused on it.

“We’re hopeful for the future of HR. If there’s a silver lining to the challenges of the last couple of years, it is that organizations realize more than ever how critical people are to their success,” says Karen Mann, Vice President, HR Research, Learning & Advisory Services at McLean & Company. “Employees also expect to have a greater voice and more inclusive workplaces. They are looking for meaningful actions to match organizational statements about how they are valued. HR is uniquely positioned to enable organizational success through people-centric solutions which shape workplaces where everyone thrives.”

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