Fully Charged - Momentum Dynamics Wireless Charging

Popular “Fully Charged” Youtube Show Recognizes EV Wireless Charging by Momentum Dynamics as Groundbreaking and Game-Changing.

Host and EV Expert Jack Scarlett: “I get the sense I am looking at something that will play a major part in our lives in the coming years”

MALVERN, Pa, April 22, 2022 – The electric vehicle experts behind the popular online show Fully Charged turned their attention to Momentum Dynamics and its EV wireless charging system, calling it “game-changing electric car technology.” With more than 875,000 subscribers, Fully Charged is among the most popular EV-focused shows on the web, exploring the latest EV technology from around the world.

The implications of this technology are going to blow your mind,” host and EV expert Jack Scarlett told viewers after having seen Momentum’s wireless capabilities in action on the streets of Oslo, Norway. “This is an extremely underappreciated EV technology.”

Scarlett continued by writing in his show blog, “Every now and then I get a glimpse into the future. This is to say I am shown a product or technology which is so impressive, so groundbreaking, which makes so much damn sense, that I get the sense I am looking at something that will play a major part in our lives in the coming years. I felt that when Momentum Dynamics showed me their wireless charging Jaguar I-Pace.

The segment featured John Holland, director of European markets at Momentum Dynamics, showcasing one of Oslo’s wireless charging Jaguar I-Pace taxis as it drove over one of Momentum’s embedded wireless charging pads. The vehicle began to charge at more than 50 kilowatts within 3 seconds after pulling over the charging pad; that’s less time than it takes to unbuckle your seatbelt and open the door. Inductive charging does not require the driver to leave the vehicle – an important safety and security feature that cannot be matched by manual plug-in charging.

The implications of that technology are unbelievable,” Scarlett tells viewers. “You can drive that vehicle around all day long without even noticing charging. Charging just happens opportunistically as and when you need it. It means that you can fit these vehicles with much, much smaller batteries, which makes them cheaper, kinder for the planet, lighter, better to drive. It’s unbelievable.”

The producers from Fully Charged set up a test to see if the I-Pace taxi could still receive a high-power wireless charge even through a thick block of ice, to replicate conditions typically found in colder, northern climates. The test was successful as the car immediately accepted the charge at the same high-power level as it did before the ice block was introduced.

Scarlett noted that adjacent traditional plug-in chargers were “a bit of an eyesore” his co-host agreed that the wireless chargers present a dramatic visual improvement when compared to plug-in chargers. “In big cities it frees up that space that you would have to use for big charging stations. You could just have these mats on the ground.

In addition to the Oslo project, Momentum also recently announced an exclusive partnership with Volvo Cars in Sweden where a fleet of taxis there also are outfitted with wireless charging capabilities.

SOURCE Momentum Dynamics Corporation

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