Sony Electronics' LinkBuds wireless headphones (white version shown)

— Sony’s one-of-a-kind LinkBuds has ring with audio transparency connects the online and offline worlds for a “Never Off” wearing experience

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 15, 2022 – With the groundbreaking fully wireless LinkBuds headphones, Sony Electronics Inc. revealed a new way to enjoy beloved music, content, and experiences – all at once. With an open ring design with audio transparency, ultra-small super fit, and crystal-clear sound and call quality, you can stay connected and attentive at all times. Sony will create new sound experiences with our partners by leveraging LinkBuds’ distinctive design, sensors, and spatial sound technologies, with an emphasis on AR gaming, sound AR navigation, new work-from-home experiences, and quick access to music.

LinkBuds have a one-of-a-kind open ring design that allows users to tune in to the outside world whenever they choose without sacrificing their listening experience. The newly built ring driver unit has an open central diaphragm for acoustic transparency, making it simple to converse with friends and connect to the environment. LinkBuds’ redesigned design makes them ideal for a variety of scenarios, including working from home, gaming, listening to music, and more.

At approximately four grams, these earbuds are small and lightweight, so users can wear them for extended periods of time. Unlike conventional earbuds, the protective surface covering the speaker diaphragm is integrated within the housing, saving space. The overall shape has also been crafted using extensive ear shape data, collated since Sony introduced the world’s first in-ear headphones in 1982. Users will barely notice they’re wearing them, making them the perfect companion all day, every day.

Sony Linkbuds
Sony Linkbuds

Crystal-clear sound

LinkBuds include superior voice signal processing and precise voice pickup technology. Sony’s noise reduction system was created using AI machine learning and over 500 million audio samples to suppress ambient noise and clearly extract sound. LinkBuds provide a calm place for clear calls even when utilized in noisy situations.

They provide outstanding high-quality sound despite their modest size and open-air construction. Soundtracks are restored to high-quality audio thanks to DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine). Sony’s Integrated Processor V1 faithfully reproduces all of your favorite music’s vital elements with little distortion, resulting in a beautifully realistic listening experience. In addition, a custom-designed 12mm ring driver delivers rich, well-balanced sound.

Users can access a variety of features by downloading the Sony | Headphone Connect app. Adaptive Volume Control2, for example, automatically adjusts volume based on the user’s location, allowing music to blend in with the surroundings. Customers may listen to music at a comfortable volume in a variety of settings, enhancing the open-air listening experience.

Thanks to innovative smart features, LinkBuds are really simple to use. Users can modify playback by double or triple tapping in front of either of their ears using Wide Area Tap3 – no need to touch the LinkBuds itself.

Do you have a lot on your plate? LinkBuds are here to assist you. Users can utilize Speak-to-Chat4 to automatically silence their music when they speak to someone. Music starts playing automatically after the chat is finished – no need to touch any controls. Hands-free voice services are also included with LinkBuds, allowing you to instantly acquire information, communicate with friends, create reminders, and more5. “OK Google” or “Alexa” will suffice.

Easy Bluetooth® pairing with Fast Pair & Swift Pair

LinkBuds support Google’s helpful new Fast Pair feature, allowing effortless pairing with Android devices and the ability to easily locate the LinkBuds with a smartphone. Swift Pair makes it quick and easy to pair LinkBuds to a Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop, desktop PC, or tablet.

With Quick access, listeners can configure LinkBuds to resume Spotify playback with just a couple of taps without using their smartphone.

Sony Linkbuds
Sony Linkbuds

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Microsoft Soundscape

LinkBuds interface with Microsoft Soundscape7 to provide increased features. The open-ear design of LinkBuds allows users to hear audio beacons and callouts of buildings or junctions with the natural sound of the environment. The headphones’ compass/gyro sensors can determine a user’s head direction and allow them to hear the sound from a location without having to hold their smartphone.

The LinkBuds were created not only with style in mind, but also with the environment in mind. These one-of-a-kind earphones and charging case are created with recycled plastic and plastic-free packaging. Sony’s LinkBuds headphones are the company’s first to be manufactured from recyclable materials.

LinkBuds are ideal for daily use. Splashes and perspiration won’t ruin your workout or outdoor experience thanks to IPX4 water resistance. The earbuds can charge for up to 5.5 hours, while the sleek and small case can charge for up to 12 hours. You don’t have enough time to charge? With just a 10-minute rapid charge, you can play for up to 90 minutes.

LinkBuds also come with 360 Reality Audio, letting users experience their favorite entertainment in a whole new way. With 360 Reality Audio, music becomes an immersive audio experience and evokes feelings of being in a music studio or live concert venue.

Microsoft Soundscape is an innovative audio-based technology that exemplifies our mission to empower every person to achieve more,” said Peter Lee, CVP of Microsoft Research & Incubations. “In our collaboration with Sony to integrate Soundscape with LinkBuds, we found that the headphones’ thoughtful design enhances the experience of Soundscape to enable people to build a richer awareness of their surroundings and become more empowered to get around, all while enjoying a true heads-up and hands-free experience. This is just the beginning and we’re excited about our ongoing relationship with Sony and how our complementary technologies add value to our personal and professional lives.”

“Our products — Ingress, Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom — use augmented reality and real-world gameplay to inspire fun and wonder for our community,” said Archit Bhargava, Director of Product Marketing at Niantic, Inc. “Sound is an important part of any entertainment experience, especially ones where users are out exploring. That’s why we’re so excited to partner with Sony on the launch of LinkBuds to deliver immersive real-world audio experiences to our community.”

“At Spotify, we’re always working to create the best and most seamless listening experience for every moment,” said Sten Garmark, VP of Consumer Experience at Spotify. “Together with Sony, we’re excited by the arrival of Spotify Tap on the new LinkBuds, allowing listeners to instantly jump into the music or get served something new – all with simple taps.”

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Pricing and Availability
have a suggested retail price of $179.99 and are available to order today in gray and white at Sony ElectronicsAmazonBest Buy, and other authorized dealers. For a full list of specs and information or to buy from Sony Electronics directly, please visit

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