Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology

Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology delivers our widest ever surround sound. The Sony HT-A9 is a new frontier in surround sound, allowing you, your family, and your friends to enjoy 360 Spatial Sound for a truly immersive experience.

Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology is a first in the industry.

Sony’s innovative 360 Spatial Sound on the HT-A9 allows you to hear sound from all directions. Sound Field Optimization cleverly detects each speaker’s relative height and position, then synthesizes the sound waves and generates up to twelve phantom speakers from just four speakers, resulting in 360 sound.

You’ll hear every animal roar and gust of wind with extraordinary intensity, as if you’re there in the action, surrounded on all sides by phantom speakers within an optimized sound field. The spatial sound field becomes bigger and more engulfing thanks to the phantom speakers. The HT-A9 also supports Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® for cinematic surround sound from the comfort of your own home.

Adaptable to any type of living space.

There’s no need to move your furniture or place your speakers properly. With Sound Field Optimization, the HT-A9 uses twin microphones in each speaker to cleverly measure their relative height and position. This enables the system to create twelve phantom speakers in the perfect place to entirely encircle your room in immersive 360-degree spatial sound. To enable Sound Field Optimization, go to the home menu on your TV screen and select Easy Setup. You may do this at any moment, whether it’s just after it’s been set up or in a few months. The four speakers connect wirelessly to the control box so there are no speaker cables across your living room.

Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology
Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology

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The HT-A9 is built with cutting-edge technologies to give the exceptional sound quality needed for 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. The speakers have X-Balanced Speaker Units, which are rectangular in design and maximize the diaphragm area for fuller bass while preserving sound pressure and vocal clarity. The speakers also include a new Wide Directivity Woofer with less cavity effect due to its concave shape’s shallow depth.

The 19mm Soft Dome Type Tweeter is used to provide clear, realistic sound at high frequencies. Furthermore, the sound is bounced off the ceiling by up-firing speakers, resulting in immersive overhead audio. To prevent sound diffraction, the speakers have beveled edges.

Optional subwoofer

The addition of a low-frequency subwoofer to your system allows it to generate music with greater punch and power than previously. There are two variants available, each meant to bring out greater bass, voice clarity, and fidelity in anything you listen to. A 180mm driver with a passive radiator delivers 300W of deep, rich bass to the SA-SW5. The SA-SW3 is a tiny bass reflex subwoofer with a 160mm driver that produces 200W of sound.


You can immerse yourself in top music quality thanks to the high-grade speaker units. With High-Resolution Audio, you may listen to music the way the artists intended, or try something new with 360 Reality Audio for a completely immersive music experience that feels as if you’re at a live performance or in the studio with the artist. 360 Reality Audio is available on Amazon Music HD, Deezer,, and TIDAL. The speakers also have DSEE ExtremeTM, which employs Edge-AI to upscale compressed digital files in real-time, restoring the missing high-range sound for a richer, more comprehensive listening experience.

Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology
Sony’s HT-A9 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology

The new HT-A9 surround sound system brings movies and games to life. When watching movies on the HT-A9 home theatre system, the original visual quality is kept, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. With the HT-A9, gaming becomes considerably more exciting and realistic. You can watch your favorite shows in 8K HDR and 4K 120, and the HT-A9 is also Dolby Vision compatible.

The HT-A9 provides you the greatest immersive audio-visual experience with our best picture and sound quality when paired with compatible BRAVIA TVs with Acoustic Center Sync utilizing the included connection. You may get even greater immersion with Acoustic Center Sync by accurately matching where the audio is originating from with what’s on the screen. You’ll hear dialogue from the character’s exact location in the scenario.

When linked to the new BRAVIATM TVs, everything works flawlessly. The Home Theatre System settings display instantly on the BRAVIA Quick Setting menu with Integrated UI.

With Chromecast with Apple Airplay 2, you can quickly access famous music services like Spotify and stream all of your favorite albums and playlists. With such a large listening area, everyone has the greatest seat in the house, making listening to music a family affair.

Sony's 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology
Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology

Bluetooth® compatible devices can easily connect to your speakers. Alternatively, you may use the built-in Wi-Fi to connect your speakers to the internet for fast access to music services and streaming from devices on your network.

To give you a stress-free listening experience, the HT-A9 is compatible with Google Assistant-equipped devices with Chromecast built-in or Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Simply add the HT-A9 to your speaker group in the Google Home app to manage music, volume, and a variety of other features with your voice.

Sony’s newest Omnidirectional Block Design is featured in the HT-A9. The cylindrical design resembles a single solid block that emits 360-degree sound. It has a flat back surface that fits neatly against the wall. The light pearl grey color was chosen to complement the walls, shelving, and other interior furnishings.

Setup with the HT-A9 is simple and easy. The surround sound system is almost ready to go straight out the box – simply plug it in, connect to your TV using HDMI, and power on.

The HT-A9 model will be priced at approximately €1,800 and available from September 2021.

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