Pilatus PC 24
Pilatus PC 24

Super Versatile Pilatus PC-24 Jet can takeoff on grass and rough runway. In January 2021, Pilatus delivered its 100th PC-24 Jet since 2018.

  • The PC-24 is the first of a new class of “Super Versatile Jet” (SVJ) that combines the performance of a jet aircraft. It has the versatility of a turboprop machine.
  • It can land and take off on runways shorter than similar jets and unpaved surfaces such as grass, gravel, and soil.

Super Versatile Pilatus PC-24 Jet scores extra points for its modern, fuel-efficient Williams engines and smart Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE).

World’s first Super Versatile Pilatus PC-24 Jet

The PC-24 is simply different. It is the only aircraft that combines turboprop flexibility with a simple jet cabinet size, and jet light functionality. The PC-24 is designed to be “off-road” compatible from the start even on open roads – it opens up an incredibly good ride.

Can takeoff on short and rough fields runways.

The PC-24 provides access to almost twice as many aerodromes around the world as other jets currently on the market. It takes passengers closer to their actual destination because the PC-24 is designed for use at small airports with shorter runways – a great way to avoid the usual administrative complexities at larger airports and keep transfers on the ground to an absolute minimum.

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BMW Designworks has created six stylish color lines, in partnership with Pilatus for the PC-24. Each named after a famous ski resort like St. Moritz, Zermatt, or Aspen with a multitude of materials and colors available, each interior can be tailored to your liking. Pilatus also offers PC-24 with 10-Seat Commuter Interior.

Pilatus on Dirt 1
Pilatus Landing on Dirt

Superiority over other Jets

  • Other business jets cannot operate on short paved and unpaved surfaces of 2,930 feet (893 m). So you have access to nearly 20,000 additional airports worldwide.
  • No other business jet offers that much cabin space with completely flat decks at this price point in its category. The interior configuration can be quickly adjusted to your needs.
  • No business jet has a better standard cockpit environment at this price level.
  • No other business jet includes as usual a freight department that makes loading faster and easier.
  • No other business aircraft in this class has fully furnished, pressurized, and accessible in-flight luggage compartments.
  • No other business jet at this price point offers a combination of high technology and simplicity that improves situational awareness and safety.
  • No other business jet offers cooling aircraft or warming down under its power with the Quiet Power Mode revolution.
  • No other business jet is the Super Versatile Jet, which offers the utmost operational flexibility.
  • No other business jet offers Crystal Class Support – the most comprehensive warranty and service package, provided by the world’s number 1 rated industry network for 19 consecutive years.
  • No other business jet is made in Switzerland by a manufacturer known for their unmatched precision – they are proud to be called over-fabricated.
Pilatus Landing on Grass
Pilatus landing on Grass


There are about 10,650 airports in the world where you can reach an aircraft that can operate on a 3,130 feet (954 m) long runway. There’s an additional 880 airports available when your plane needs only 2,930 feet (893 m). Of course, in both cases, these runways would have to be paved.

Now, look at the number of runways worldwide that are at least 2,930 feet (893 m) long but include non-paved surfaces – such as grass or gravel. The number is close to 20,000. So with the PC-24, you’ll have access to almost 100% more airports worldwide. You will be able to use smaller airports and avoid huge administrative procedures, and reduce the ground transfer time to an absolute minimum.


The cabin volume of the PC-24 outperforms business jets, which cost almost twice as much. The interior of the PC-24 has been designed from scratch to be quick and easy to reconfigure, an option not found on many other business jets changes that can be added or removed in minutes. The rear partition is mobile, so passengers can easily expand their cabin or increase the luggage space on each flight.

Using only the highest quality materials, they have created an interior that perfectly meets the latest standards of comfort and functionality. All components have been selected to enhance the passenger experience. Rare hardwood cabinets filled with soft leather and exquisite details create bespoke interiors. It reflects the meticulous purpose of the aircraft. The spacious cabin with continuous flat floors provides exceptional headroom for both passengers and crew.


  • It has a max cruise speed of 815 km/h.
  • The maximum range of 4-6 passengers with 3704-3334 km.
  • It has a max altitude of 13716 m.
  • Balanced field take-off length of 893 m.
  • It has a landing distance of over 15m obstacles up to 724m.
  • Climb rate of 20-7 m/s.
  • It takes 26 min time to climb sea level to FL 450.
  • And it has a stall speed of 151 km/h.


All Pilatus aircraft are certified for single-pilot operation and the PC-24 is also not out of this rule. Efficient and intuitive cockpit layout. Put simply, the PC-24 is the perfect combination of a pilot’s know-how and modern avionics technology. Two pilots can also fly the PC-24.

PC-24’s Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE) sets the standard for maximum flexibility. Pilatus ACE is extremely powerful and offers the most intuitive and user-friendly cockpit concept ever seen in its most basic configuration. The four 12-inch screens display all relevant information in the right place without delay. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guarantees high altitude and excellent reliability and accuracy of navigation data. Pilatus ACE is a localizer performance with a synthetic vision system, autothrottle, graphical flight planning, mid-air collision avoidance system (TCAS II), and vertical (LPV) guidance.

Pilatus Landing on Rough Runway
Pilatus PC-24


Just think: You’ve worked hard for a long time, and now it’s time to take a break. Gather your family and friends together to enjoy the weekend. Carry all their belongings and leave. At the speed of PC-24, its incredible slower speed and sophisticated brake/lifting system reduce the distance to a minimum and keep all arrivals safe performance from thousands of airstrips is a competition that can only fly. Therefore we call PC-24 with Super Versatile Jet, more airlines, more space, and more opportunities.

Special mission

Demand for the first ambulance aircraft continued to increase the PC-24, the world’s first Jet and Multi-Purpose Aircraft, which is an ideal aircraft for an aerial ambulance.


  • Max ramp weighs 8345kg.
  • Max take-off weighs 8300kg.
  • Max landing weighs 7665kg.
  • Max zero fuel weighs 6450kg.
  • Max usable fuel weighs 2705kg.
  • Max payload weighs 1134kg.
  • Max payload with full fuel weighs 324kg.


  • Length of 55ft 2in (16.80m).
  • Height of 17ft 4in (5.30m).
  • The breadth of the first wings 55ft 9in (17.00m).
  • And the breadth of end wings 22ft 4in (6.80m).

Cabin Dimensions

  • Cabin volume of 14.20m3.
  • Cabin length of 7.01m.
  • Cabin width of 1.69m.
  • Cabin height of 1.55m.
  • Cabin floor width of 1.16m.
  • Cabin passenger door 1.34×0.60m.
  • Cargo door 1.30×1.25m.
  • Baggage compartment of 2.50m3.

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